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Lens Project: Streets and a Slave

"...A street is a public thoroughfare (usually paved) in a built environment. It is a public parcel of land adjoining buildings in an urban context, on which people may freely assemble, interact, and move about.." -Wikipedia,
This is a mobile photography collection of photos i took when i'm on road heading home or going at the office. Streets and a Slave is about the life of an employee and people on the streets in their weekly routine as they strive to work hard in the metro to have a better life and living.

Streets and a Slave: Streets picture the culture of a working environment in the metro and its commuters, while the word Slave represents the corporate people, simply means the "corporate slave" who work hard under big corporations in exchange of a good paying salary.

#MobilePhotography #Photography #streets #metro #corporate #mobile #arts

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