lost in home

The feeling is hard to explain that i keep on crying and reminiscin' the memories when i was in home. It's just so sad that i've lost everything, living there was fun, exiting and no dull moment, But now everything is gone and vanished.
Everytime i see my home, the memories are coming back, it's makes me cry, and it's just so hard than loosing myself. It was a four year memory of happiness, laughter and loneliness. it's so hard to leave the home where i became more concious in the world and it's beauty.
I can't do anything but to cry, and take a look on my home. I tought that i will die there but now it's never.
The memories are keep coming in my head which makes me smile and laugh and sad.
NOw, the childhood days will never come anymore and it will never be putted back, the childhood blues now, will just be remembered.
The misunderstandings., Parties, will never happen again. Parents and Families will no longer be in uniform but scattered around but still united.Movies, loud musics, crazyness are gone.
I guess i should take it optimistically, move on and break free even though i lost my home.


  1. lost your home?? wawa naman.. wala ka ng bahay? hehe.. ganun talaga dapat! think positive friend! sa buhay, lahat nagbabago, pati ikaw nga rin nagbabago diba? :)


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