My Personal Traits

There are a lot of personal traits i want my future child to inherit and don't. I want my future child to inherit the good traits i have, like being organized, imaginative, and artistic, just like me i also want my future child to have a long patience, to become disciplined and learn the word acceptance. I think if my future child will inherit those good traits i have it can help him/her to succeed and excel in what he/she will do.
Aside from it, i also have bad traits, which is i don't want my future child to inherit, like being lazy, hopeless and pessimistic. Because i believe, if my future child will inherit the bad traits i have there's a possibility that he/she will maybe unlike by others, that may lead to more serious problems and it can affect his/her beliefs, personality and dreams.
I have a lot of good and bad traits that my future child will possibly be inherit, if he/she will inherit the good and bad traits i have, i will accept him/her no matter what, and i will help him/her to succeed in life and fullfill his/her dreams.
Whatever traits God will give to to my future child, i will love him as a whole physically and emotionally.


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