Semestral break is up

For past few weeks i was busy studying. Just last week we had our defense in our two thesis(that's just a mini thesis but it's still a thesis) in material science and physics. At the same week, we have to think for our commercial in communication arts 3 for our final exam, we also have to make 15 programs but our professor got pity on us for doing a lot of things so, he reduced it from 15 to 9 programs for our programming class. Imagine! i've did that in just week! I was really haggard last week until today because we're failed in our defense in material science because of having mistakes in our documents so, we have to revise it. instead of enjoying my semestral break, i still have to go back into our school to revise our document and to pass it onto my professor.
It's really hard to study!, I MEAN IT!.... but going back to school almost everyday, for me is a relief from keeping me miss my classmates. We only have 2 weeks vacation, i have spending the 1st week in revising my documents for our thesis in matsie so if you calculate it, i have only one week to spend my vacation! How Sad.... and what if we fail again in our thesis?! my God!.....i don't think i can accept it for doing such a hard work for that , and failure for the thesis means failing grades...whuaaahhh... I'm being pessimistic.
Come what may, tomorrow we will be defending our thesis agin (Oct. 22/08), may God bless me. So to my friends, forgive me for not posting a comment on your post/s and not leaving shout outs on your tagboard, but worry no more, i'll be around next week. I'll make sure to reply on the comments i haven't replied yet and the messages on my tag board.
For, now i'll still have to study!ciao. ;(


  1. hay steve! buti nalang at natapos na natin lahat yun. papasa kaya tayo? oo naman (fingers crossed)!!! :)

  2. naku ah.
    yang defense defense na yan. :))
    bwct yan sa buhay ko. haha.

    good luck sa inyo! ^^,

  3. nko ok lng un grabe ang hrap pla 15? buti nlng 9 nlng un at tpos na kalokaaa ang hrap ah!

  4. Naku. ang gulo ng buhay mo. XD LOL jk. Goodluck jaaan! Kaya mo yan! :D

  5. waa! indi ako makarelate.. bigla tuloy ako natakot magcollege. haha. kaya mo yan! go go!!

  6. wow.. kaya pala naging busy..naging busy sa studies.. well.. good for you.. wish you luck my friend..

  7. good luck to your defense. :)

    hope to see you in my blog too. :) thaks. :)


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