Funniest pick-up lines.

Maybe you've heared some of the pick up lines i'll be counting down today, in the radio, maybe in some t.v shows or you have experienced it in the real life. They say that those pick up lines are corny(perhaps it's true) but for me its man's way to express his feelings for the girl he loves, it's romantic but funny and cute. so here are the funniest pick up lines, let's start the countdown.
at no:

7. Do you know what will be good on you?----ME!:)

6. Do you have a map?because i got lost in your eyes!.

5. Are you a broom?---because you sweep me off my feet.

4. Is your dad a terrorist?---because your a bomb!.

3. Don't you get tired?---because you've been running in my head all time!.

2. If i can rearrange the alphabet, i will put u and i together.

and for the no. 1 (drum rolls), this is cute for the season,

1. Can i have your picture? I want to show santa what i want to have this christmas.

There you have it guys, the top 7 funniest pick up lines. On my next post, i'll be posting the top 15 break up lines.


  1. wow.. hey, i have one "you're like fake teeth, i cant smile without you". lol!
    nice lines! :) Keep em coming! God bless!

  2. Nice pics catagories you have, I've never seen somethings like this before. Happy weekend to you.

  3. Lol, those are some good ones, I especially like number one. I might have to use it! Lol kidding. But really, it's not half bad.

  4. That's cool with me! Thanks by the way, I have no problem with it. I love arts too, particularly writing :)

  5. Nice and funny post... I don't think these pick up lines still work seriously but they could get a few giggles from girls:)

  6. omg nkkloko tlg yan pero im so excited to see the 15 break up lines na!! HAHAH!

  7. Hi. thanks for visiting my blog. I like this post. lemme add one for you "does your dad has a candy shop? because you're too sweet" :)

  8. Meron ako. Pero hindi siya pickup line, pero lines. lol. andami mo pa kailangang sabihin.

    Can I have a pen?
    Sure. Here.
    Wait, this doesn't work.
    What? I just used it.
    Alright, try it. Write your number.

  9. Haha. These are funny. Actually, marami pa akong narinig na iba. Di ko lang maalala. Thanks for sharing!

  10. astig sa mga lines... i might use some of these. haha... btw u shud post more photos... ang gagaling ng mga shot...

  11. i love your post!!!cutie:)

    more more more hahahha

  12. haha.. soo funny.. hindi ko pa natry magamitan ng pick-up lines ha. haha


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