I was elected-----;(

We will be having an intramural this coming December, and the team will be course against course, that's why our course's organization had a meeting about our team for the intramural and at the same time to re-elect new members that will represent our each year-------and i was elected. How?here's the story.

We saw the announcement the day before the meeting(dated 11/24/08, Mon.)and the next day at 5:00 pm the meeting started. There were only four of us who attend the meeting, and the other 3 are my friends?(maybe you wonder why there's a question mark after the word friends)....the reason is because, they were the one's who voted me to become the representative of our section and year even though i don't like it. To think, it's a nice opportunity, my name will be posted in our school's bulletin board, i will be present into all the meeting that's only exclusive for the officers only. But my point is, i don't like the position, and i was elected because of my so-called friends.
Now I'm wondering, am i really their friend?to think they shouldn't be the one who should decide on what i like and what i don't, they should respect it, and besides, there are options to elect other. Sometimes i ask myself, who's wrong in this situation, me or them?should i keep away from them because lately i feel that i don't belong, or should i change my attitudes for them to respect me?.
I know that this post can maybe read by them, but i don't care, this is what i feel, maybe they think that this is just a small one but for me it's a BIG DEAL because respect is being talk here. But i judt wanna clarify, i am not mad or anything, i just want the world to know what i feel.


  1. First of all, we are your friends. It's not that we just want to make fun of you noh. Don't you wanna be an officer? Bakit ako ba nagreklamo nung na-elect akong treasurer ng MAGS? Ganto nalang, just think na it's an opportunity, saka para lumawak din ang circle of friends mo. And another thing, walang iba dun. Tayo lang. Si Bry, ayaw nun. And besides, meeting-meetingan lang yun and joke-joke lang. We all know na hindi tayo ganun ka-close sa higher years kaya communication with them is unclear. Wala namang ginawa sila Nicole nung na-elect sya diba? Pati si Fed. Diba diba?

    And lastly, if you were doubtful if I am a friend to you or not, think again. Over a dozen times. :)

  2. I love being the representative. lol. sikat kasi eh. :) gudluck sayo! :)

  3. congratulations, hope you pull the strings

  4. Congrats, bro! Just think of it as an opportunity to try something new... Charge it to experience...

  5. congrats,, be a tough officer hah... galingan moh

  6. ano ka ba.. you were elected because they believe that you can lead. You can take the challenge and all. you may not like the position. but you were place there with a purpose. kaya be proud.. your friends thought of you as a good leader.


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