The Story Beyond these weeks.

Uy, helow to everyone! I am back again. Texting, studies and somehow love life is keeping me busy.

*What can you say about my new layout buddies? i am the one who made all of these stuffs & i am satisfied because of this cute header that i edited in photoshop!. My header is suppose to be inspired by Demi lovato's song video, Don't forget, in the sequence where she holds an umbrella.

Texting- I got a new cellphone atlast, after almost one month of not having it. The model is N2630, this unit is not a high featured one but i like it. In our class, mobile internet is really hot, My classmates are using Opera Mini browser in their cellphones to access internet like a desktop browser, it is so cool (maybe you're familiar with it), if you have this browser, blog walking & net surfing is easy cause it is on your mobile. But my unit has still no settings for an internet although i have the application, ive been requesting it from Globe & thanks God, until now i still dont have the settings after requesting it a million times!, Grrrrrrr.

- When im not in desktop blogging, im into mobile via sms, haha, the one they called GM or group message. They say "Ang ingay mo steve!" cause i always gm for every second that happen to me.

Studies- So now, i am already a 3rd year student (well, i dont have to mention infos 'bout me cause it is already on the sidebar) and currently this week, our exam is on going. The pre-lims is doing well on my way and before i take the exam as i go to school, i am excited because i review my lessons.

FYI: In the past 3 sems of my college life, i didn't review for exams, i just go petiks because everytime i review, i still fail especially in my math subjcts. But now, my view for studies have changed and i am more inspired now. I donno what the hell possessed me for i am inspired, especially those engineering subjcts, that i find them interesting. Maybe, because now, i can feel the drama of engineering, it's field & life.

Lovelife- I had a girl & i am no longer a NGSB( stands for NO Girlfriend Since Birth), but everything in the two of us happened so fast that our relationship lasted for 3 weeks. One day we woke up that we are so in-love w/ each other but one day, we woke up again & her feelings for me have gone. What a sad ending right? and the guy that she replaced is my friend(but not so close, almost) and we're like a love quadruplets, there are four of us sharing this one love ( including the guy's girl to). Haha, seems like a TV Series right?yah, but it's real. Our story is like the Korean drama, the 'Memories in Bali'.

This past two weeks i am moving on, but earlier this evening, as I'm on my way home, i realized something, that maybe i still love her but i am no longer needing her badly like before, that maybe there's still another chance for us but both of us are not fighting for that little chance we have anymore.

Now, i am having a dilemma; Should i win her back? or let go now and continue living our own new lives and stay as friends. The answer is only on her hands, because i know she loves another now and she rejects me, so she wants the both of us as friends. Me, as her kuya & her as my kapatid.


  1. Bro! welcome back to blogosphere! yahoo! yahoo!
    damn. ang kulet ng comment mo sa aken. grabeh! so that's it! for 3 weeks ah? s fast aman. but then again. you should always think na.

    marami pang tao sa mundo. you shouldn't stick sa nangiwan nuh! *apir! move on is a must!

    tama yan! study mode ka muna! for sure. after all the hurtings (haha. watta word!) dami pang darating na blessings!

    and hey! congrats for yer new phone. haha. i don't really know about the browser something. waha. =]

    teka. walang name and website. google account ko lang. haha. =]

  2. Yeah! What is up? Dude bata ka pa naman eh just focus on what is necessary, lovelife? dadating din yan, be safe. :)

  3. yays congrats to ur new f0ne,
    nevur hurd of that model, I'm goin to search for it, hope u could take a pic though;)
    anywaeeee, nice theme.. I luv it's black color and the photbucket slide is pretty neat:d

  4. cute layout bro.. :)

    can't believe that you're in a love quadruplets. Anyways, nasa sayo ang sagot nyan bro if you're willing to fight for your relationship, pero diba mas ok kung pareho kayo magfight back? :)

    Goodluck with your studies. :)



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