I just woke up, and i feel like im still floating as i day dream tonight. I usually fall asleep every afternoon and wake up at night sleeping has been my very habit. I love to do it always. Speaking of habit, i have this habit these days, and maybe it's not anymore a habit but already an addiction. What am i talking about? the facebook fever.

Before, i prioritize my friendster rather than facebook, but now, i am more into facebook because of its addictive applications like restaurant city, famville and farmtown. I am not just the only addict of this, but my mags family as well as my engineering classmates. haha. Imagine, my mags family, we are beating each others farm in terms of money, level and farm design, it's really fun. While in my engineering family, before, we don't bond like this, after the class, the dota boys go to the nearest internet cafe to play dota, me, go home to update my blog, and other go home and just do their own businesses. But now, the dota boys have taken the dota for granted for farmtown!imagine that?farmtown versus dota? and after the class, unlike before, we go online together just to harvest our crops and bond. Before the class starts, we always talk about our levels and harvesting and planting techniques while in mags, in our SMS world, the so-called GM we talk about farmville.

This addiction, although really addictive and somehow has disadvantages, but in a way, this bonds your relationship with your friends and peers!.

Here are some of the photos i have in fartown farmville and restau city:


  1. wow.. you're addicted na talaga sa facebook, ako naman hindi naman masyado, pero seldom ko na nga lang nabubuksan ang friendster ko, parang naglaho na din ang friendster noh? For me kasi yung facebook looks organized than friendster and mas madami ka naman mgagawa sa fb dba? :)

    Hindi ako makapaniwala na ang dota boys nyo na-adik sa apps sa fb instead na mag dota nalang. hehe..

  2. Hahaha. I like Barn Buddy as my farming game in FB. :)) Pet Soc. is so laggy na since ang daming gumagamit. Hahaha. I wanna be close to you Kuya Steve. :] I don't have much Kuya's in the blogsphre

  3. omg! i love facebook to. dati friendster talaga ako but after I discovered PetSociety na hooked ako! yay!

  4. Hoho! what a coincidence! last night i stay up hanggang 3 am just to play sa facebook! hohoho! super addict na din ako. buti na lang nakaya ng powers na pumasok pa. haha!

    oh hell yeah! you play guitar too? *apir kuya! ΓΌ

  5. ohh.. I dont know that thing, I havent tried having an account in facebuk. .hihi

  6. waa. ive never been addicted to that. though i have an fb acc. hehe. i dont know why. siguro em not in the mood lng to play farmville and other facebook apps.

  7. facebook apps are all addicting.. :) that is why I love facebook. :) lol

    happy blogging. :)

  8. I am more on facebook since, even though my friends, classmates and family are on friendster. But now, haha it's so popular and most of my schoolmates are using fb and my family too, for me it's kinda crowded already :))) pero ok lang kasi masaya maglaro at nakakaenjoy kesa sa fs=boring. :))


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