Intrams BLues

We are having Intramural this week. Today is the second day(Intrams are like three days), and my classmates texted me that our Basketball Team have just won today and tomorrow they will be playing for the Championship. Good Luck COE!

By the way just to share my love life. I had like four crushes and they are so mean to me. I am not a playboy cause i don't even suit them i just text them, and most of my girls(three of them) are from our campus. Last night, one of them i discovered that she has now a boyfriend!. They are together in our intrams. Sitting in the same bench. Boy is holding the girl's hand. Talking. But the girl is not so sweet. haha.

Ahhh.....I was like "Grrrrr.....May boyfriend na xa!hindi na siya sakin!Kaya pala hindi na niya ako tinetext". What's bad about it is, i was the reason why is that boy enrolled in our school ( i was the AO at that time. I am a MAGS member that helps the Communications Department of STI College-Meycauayan) and that BF of her is also my Co-religion, we also have the same course that's why i treat him as my little brother(he is a freshman student), to sum it all that little boy is quite close to my heart.

I have no bitterness for the guy. But, i am sad. i am quite hurt. I don't even wanna say that i missed the opportunity to suit her when she was single cause i don't wanna suit my crushes for i am still not ready for commitments. I just use them as my inspirations.

We have even plans for some "siomai" bonding cause that's our common Fave. Whenever we see each other she always call me siomai. Maybe she got tired of waiting up for me(haha, assuming?) . But i just really don't have the time to treat her up cause i am busy. ahhhhh.

Do you know what i feel right now? I like them but i am not really really ready to suit one of them cause i just wanna stay single. But, what if one again of them will gone? am i missing the opportunity to grab?to love?maybe i am having the love depression called

"Afraid into a commitment cause afraid to be hurt again".

Maybe that is the right quote to describe for my feelings.

-Just sharing my thoughts again. BTW, i wanna share this funny pic i got from facebook. i was really LOL hard when i saw the pic KATURSI.


  1. tssk. hindi pa nga ready bro kea dapat wag muna kasi baka maruin ang friendship.. :).. baket di aman masamang magassume.. (halatang gawain nya anu? haha)..

    on a second thought.. baka nga may mawala pa.. qng gusto na talaga.. why not try diba?..

    ang gulo q! haha! :p

  2. What does a crush really mean to you? Crush is just plain admiration but based on what you are saying it seems like you're jealous. Jealous is mostly felt by those who are in love. OH SNAP! YOU ARE IN LOVE, STEVE! :) :) :)


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