Cloudy sky

What should i say? I am sad. I dont tell to people even to my closest friends that our family is in big storm today, The reason of al these is my Grandad. He is suffering form Liver Cancer. i still dont know how serious is that but that really affected us in all aspects.

Pray for the wellness of my Grand pa Please!.

That's all for now. I am sad, that's why i am not in the mood to Daldal.


  1. aw. das to hear that. I'll pray for him.

  2. and thats the reason why we blog. to unload even a little of our heavy loads. anyway cont to pray and be still. everything happens for a reason.

  3. I know, your grand pa will be fine. :) just pray. :)

    happy blogging.

  4. I hope your grandpa will be fine.
    Trust god :) take care!

  5. I will pray for you Grandpa. I hope things will be okay.

  6. You're grandpa will be OK. Trust in God!

  7. Trust in God's plans. :)

    ps: not mad. just busy. :p

  8. that really is sad. I hope things will be better in your family soon. Cheer up :) God will always be there! Fighting ^^


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