Have i lost it?

So, i came just earlier from Metrobank to check my money if it was sent already by paypal. What surprised to my sight was the Machine displayed
" Sorry, the account does not exist".

OH NO!, what am i gonna do? i have spent Php. 1000.00 for that stupid money to open and apply an account in Union bank and also to deposit and verify transactions with Paypal. For all you know guys, i hav $46 funds in paypal, i need money badly that's why i need to withdraw those. For just applying and linking my eon to paypal already took me 3 weeks, and another two weeks i guess to transact with metrobank with the glitches that i had.

It will be fine for me if paypal will contact me and charge me for what i made, but, what i dont want to happen to me is to lose my Php 2000 pesos. I have even sacrificed my tuition fee for that, and by next week is our midterms but i haven't still paid yet!.

My dilemma is:

1. If paypal will find out that my account does not exist, will they charge me, and email me that i made mistakes with my withdrawal transactions?----i better like this situation. Rather than:

2, Paypal does not find my account, then they will keep the money or just let it lost in somewhere.--i dont like this happen cause the money i used plus the time i sacrificed will be wasted!:(

I hope that if any errors of transferring my funds occurred. Please Paypal, pity on me!...I am not rich and i need to pay my bills!:(

I hope that metrobank just had an error in my bank account but they will let me withdraw my money, for once---i became their customer!----or should i say, still.

Help me guys. On Monday, I'll be talking with metrobank. What if they deny? I'll contact paypal. but if they will too?

Hanging Questions: (please answer, i need opinions)
What do you think happened to my money?
did you also had this experience before?


  1. i wish i could help but i only know how paypal works with union bank :P i hope this gets fixed though ;( it's a really bad situation. i hope it gets fixed :( too bad i don't know how to do with metrobank :(

  2. I have a blogger friend who also got some problem with Union Bank and paypal.

    Visit her blog here and ask her some questions about your problem.


  3. omy. i dont know anything about that, but yes you should contact paypal because thats some big money. -_- they SHOULD be able to answer.

  4. Omigosh. This is really scary stuff. I've never had such problems so probably I can't help u. Sorry, :(
    What do you think happened to my money?
    -I don't really but keep in mind that paypal will always understand their customers.
    did you also had this experience before?

  5. my courses for 1st semester were - math, IAPS (introduction to anthro,psycho, and socio), peer tutor and media arts (:
    yeah id love to link ex ! ill add you up right after this comment.

    oh noo! you definetly should contact metrobank and paypal and see whats going on ! im sorry but im not sure whats the solution to this D: contact both because its probably a glitch or something ! good luckk

  6. I don't think PayPal will charge you... if you tell them what happened and the problem I am sure they will be able to fix it up for you! It sucks - I've never been in this position, sorry!

    I don't think you did anything wrong - unless your account was just deleted because you did do something wrong. But I'm sure you didn't so contact them and see what you can do! I'm sure they will help.

    What do you think happened to my money?
    It's probably a glitch or just an error that's turned out badly for you.
    did you also had this experience before?
    No, sorry!

  7. Thanks for the comment... You have friends naman to hang out with so I guess your valentines will be great too. :) Just added you on my list. :)

  8. aww, sana maayos paypal kuya..ü


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