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Yes, I am guilty your Honor for the crime of Laziness in blogging!, Yes, I am. Do you also feel that guys? that sometimes you want to quit blogging cause studies are really ruining you view and plan posts. Yes, I have those plan posts, like every time I have something in mind i am like "Oh,This will be my next post", but sometimes because of thinking about many things you'll forget 'em all.

I have a plan post really but yet if I'm gonna post them it'll be late for this. Maybe i have to think and still pursue some what's on my mind. Nothing is really sure about this post just blah blah's but maybe i will go to my studies topics and my exciting (for me) subjects i have for this semester.

I have noticed that our subjects for this semester are really a preparation for our thesis next sem, these are most:
ADLOGCIRC - The Advance Logic Circuit subject. Electronics subjects really excites me, because of the projects that we will be doing, if you remember my traffic light post that was actually for logic circuit subject and this time, the logic has advanced. We are also using a software to design a PCB and electronics project. I am more on technical, i really prefer those instead of theoretical and i am thankful that my professors are more to that, that's why we are learning!. Our Next project, An electronic dice, of course, when i am done with that project, i'll share it with you!.

CTRLSYS- Control Systems. Control systems is actually a pre-requisite subject of adlogcirc. Obviously, this about about the control systems of a computer or anything possible projects that are possible for automation. Last week our prof tasked us to propose an automated project, i proposed the AUTOLIGHT- Automated Room Light, in which when you open the door of your room the lights will automatic turns on, and when you leave it'll turn off, but of course, that's just only for an activity, and he said that if we like to pursue it for thesis, then go!. This week we will also control a part of a computer, i just don't have an idea on which part.

PRINCOM- or the Principle of Communications subject where-in we study the world of radio frequencies (AM, FM), telecommunications and TV Broadcasting. Our class were divided into groups and each groups are assigned to write a possible FM, AM, TV, and Telecom companies where we can have a tour to them. I am hoping that we can enter the top TV Stations in the Phil (ABS or GMA) but, that's pretty impossible cause the security is tight., but we never know!. I really like this subject not because of the future company visits that we will be doing but about the studies of the world of communications and beyond!

Note: Okay, I'll cut this post here, cause this is quite-a long now, i hope that you'll read this post guys!


  1. oh my... napaka busy mo tol... just keep it up... mas mahalaga ang studies kaysa sa blogging..

    but just don't quit haha

    have a great day and happy blogging

  2. Ok lang maging lazy sa blogging wag lang sa studies.

    Go0d luck sa report on friday. Babawe ako magtatan0ng talaga ako.

  3. Wah! Nosebleed. Sobrang lalim na ng pinag-aaralan n'yo ah. Kaya mo yan tol. Kaya mong pagsabayin ang blogging at pag-aaral.

    Gawin mo yung style ko. Ako my litte notebook na dala lage. 'Pag pumasok na idea sa utak ko eh sinusulat ko agad. O kaya minsan yung blogpost ko e tinatype ko sa cellphone.

  4. Aww... okay lang kung di ka gaano nakakapag-post. Schooling first before anything else ok? XD

    Ako nga kahit graduate na ako ng college, dumadating talaga sa punto na nauubusan ako ng mga ideas kaya ang napakahirap talagang mag-post :)

    Anyways, you have an award. Check out my blog!

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  6. Normal lang naman yung minsan e feeling tamad tamaran ka sa pag ba blog.hehehe! Ako din kasi ganyan minsan. Minsan busy sa ibang bagay kaya di maharap pag ba blog.

  7. nosebleed ako super! pagbutihin mo ang pag-aaral mo para swak at ayos ang thesis na sa tamad-tamaran..normal talaga yan pero...we have to keep moving do your best ^^

  8. yaaaaaayyyy! i love your princom subject. gusto ko rin ung mga tour2 na ganyan eh... i wanna aamzed myself by going to those places. hehe and yes, blogging has been negelected by me too due to school works. ahahaha :)) buti na lang hindi ako iniiwan ng blogging. hahaha

  9. have a great day steve and happy blogging

  10. blogging is a job but not a job.. hehehehehe... as long as you are into writing then time will come that you will write and write.

    thank you for visiting sa blog ko.. take care man. your new friend!


  11. the autolight sounds pretty cool. i'd like that kinda of thing since i always forget to turn of the lights in my room.

  12. AUTOLIGHT- Automated Room Light
    for thesis? Gawwd. I want that! HAHA! :3.
    kassooo! IT! haha! anyhoo. i remember kuya 2 years ago. sa former school ko. gumawa kami blinking lights. sa Electronic Class. bwahah. :3. ansaya! :3

    Goodluuck! :3


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