Studies & Stories: Side B

At last after having such busy weeks i can now able to post a new one. I have a lot of stories to tell. but before i start, of course i have to share the continuation of my post-----the subjects i have for this sem make me wanna commit suicide(kidding).

COPRO3- where we study the Java lang. our course ware is quite-a weird cause we already took VB. I mean, the arrangement of programming language must start from the oldest to the newest. But it's fine now, we are still learning. Our professor is such a good teacher that's why nose bleed exercises are given and is usual.

ENECONO- Engineering Economy subject. This has a relation to finance and economy. Nothing's really a big deal here, this subject is more on theoretical. But what excites me is the feeling of working on engineering field every time my prof discuss and give us problems and ways to solve a real engr. field problems.

So now, let's go back to my story. We had a dice project and a DB-25 connector project. I wasn't get able to make these projects to success and every time we do circuits and hardware exercises it seems like i am always declining. Because of these situations and outcomes these make me feel that maybe i am loosing my circuit magic and power for this sem, compare before. These make me feel sad and think that maybe computer engineering is actually not my field.

I hope in our next project where we are again, going to build a miniature but this time with a touch of logic gate equivalents and sensors, I hope our outcomes will be achieved. God bless me & my group mates.

Busy weeks of mine are already finished including the prelims. The first chapter of this sem has ended yet, new challenges are just about to come!:)

PS. The above picture is my non-conducting dice project!:(


  1. Bigla kong naalala yung Java Programming subject ko ng college. Astig din 'yang subject na 'yan. Laking pakinabang 'pag na-tripan mong mag Internet business.

    Meron din sa aming Engineering Economy. Kaso hindi ko kinuha.

    I do hope na maging maayos ang iyong grades sa deadly subjects na yan. :-)

    Kaya mo yan parekoy.

  2. Hai naku..i hate the word declining but i have to admit, my performance declined this prelims..but never i will allow this again. Good luck sa atin!

  3. Parang ang sakit sa ulo ng course mo ^_^ masyado syang complicated hehe.

  4. err so techie ka pla stevehan ... i agree with fiel kun parang dudugo ang ilong ko sa course mo hehe sobra atang hirap nyan


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