Her very lasts...

 This morning when i woke up i suddenly looked for my cat. It's not actually my habit these weeks to find muning because she started to become so stubborn------like she poofs inside the house even if she usually dont do that before, maybe this is also caused by the season, the soil is soft today cause of rains. She also hunts for food--na a a!, it's not what you think guys, not in the wild like lizards, snakes, rats or any usual food that cats like but on the table, on the kitchen for corned beef, fresh meat, corn, chicken intestines or any related human foods. Sosy diba?  but she actually eat what a usual cat eat--------the insects, rats.etc.

But i must commend her for she just made me so happy every time she do her cute gestures especially every time she sleeps. (OMG, i'm getting sad now!). for she made a good job that our home is free from rats, cockroaches, snakes, even lizards!.

But what made me this post?This morning i called for her at our backyard, our neighbor heard me calling and told me that muning just died. I was not that shock but i was so worried for i don't have a pet anymore. We are actually planning to throw her away but now that she's gone, I'll definitely miss her!.

Our real ampon is her mother then she's the daughter, she's belong in the second generation of their family. She already gave birth twice but we threw her kittens. Now her throne is left and so the kingdom has no queen or king-----we are actually looking for a replacement.

I even made such photographs of her when she was young and until her very last days!. (teary eyed). I even made an interview of her last summer while she was pregnant.

She actually looks like this:(even the eyes, everything)

This is her:

Her interview!:

To the loving memory of my cat----muning .
(January 21, 2007-August 19, 2010).


  1. that was sad...what's the cause of her death?

  2. awww... sad that you weren't able to see her before. hayaan mo, there's gonna be a new cat that you can take care of. weird nga, they came out of nowhere hehe :D

  3. I've never had any pet but, that's is so sad. Muningggg ang cute pa naman nya.

  4. JAG: we actually dont know the cause that's why we are not expecting this news. Dala na din siguro ng katandaan!:)

    My-so-called-quest. Ou makakahanap nga sana ng bago pero im wishing na sana anak niya pa din para 3rd generation ng blood line nila!.:)

    Phoebe R. Yah, cute xa, yet so stubborn kaya she's so balanced!

  5. Awwww...so sad. Naalala ko tuloy nuong namatay yung mga alaga kong aso.

    Ilang aso na rin ang nawala sa amin since 1990 pa. Nakakalungkot din. I hope you find a replacement for your cat.

    Wag ka na sad ah.

  6. this reminds me of our own cat and it's been a while now since we had one again. names of our cats were abugi and lionel.

  7. yikes.. so sorry to hear that from you... i enjoy the video and it seems that you are really close to each other... but everything happens for a readon ika nga nila...so cheer up my friend ^_^

  8. Aww I'm sorry about your cat. She looks really cute, but I'm scared of cats. hahaha.

  9. Sorry about your cat.. I love looking at cats too.. they're so cute,,.wish we could have one here but we have dogs and they're not good friends right? :(

  10. nakakalungkot naman.I had a rabbit na napamahal sakin talaga nung mawala sya sobrang iniyakan ko talaga.


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