Tissue paper

Ohhhhhhhhh, i want to start this post in a Happy mood!:), but i am sick!I have colds, cough and headache at the same time. Last night, i thought this is flu already then after i drink a medicine i felt better. Still, compare last night i feel much better today though my throat is till itchy. Then i am thinking a lot of incoming projects. (well, as if you cared!ahahaha!) The list:
  1. Ctrlsys - A system that will control an appliance if you switch it on in the computer then the system will also tell if the switching was successful.
  2. Computer Prog. - An individual project. An ordering system via java using GUI. I love designing yet it's hard for e to start the project cause of this very sick.
  3. Computer Systems Architecture - A field study, should compare the INTEL and AMD, whose better of these when it comes to flexibility, speed and other factors.
  4. ACES - The projects of our organization. Since i am the good president, i have to do such tasks for the welfare of my fellow engineering student.
  5. Practice for the provincial meet of BULPRISA in Oration. 
  6. An article for the national magazine of STI (STIMULI) for the Campus News section of the mag. 
Last September 22, our school participated a fund raising run project. Well, its for the rehabilitation of the Meycauayan river, which is known in the world as the most populated river!:). Yes, i am near to that river just a couple of walks away(haha, proud?). I enjoyed the event. I ran. If the event will has it's sequel, we will run at the 8k, we say "It's Bitin". Me together with my MAGS family had a bonding after the event.

      The STI College - Meycauayan participants:
Featuring:  Me;an ambassador & the face of poverty!lols.
The MAGS Family:
On the way to mall:
As the fun started:

Question: Have you been in a situation kung saan ang sipon mu ay tumutulo habang may ginagawa ka?if yes, how's the feeling?Can you share?
PS. Now i guess you what's the relevance of tissue paper here?


  1. ^_^ Pictures pictures...pero bakit parang hindi ka naman nakangiti sa mga pictures mo?

    Grabe talaga yang may sipon. I mean, nakakairita suminghotsinghot. Tapos pag nasobrahan ka naman sa pagsinga eh masakit naman sa ilong.

  2. I agree with Ish... naku lalo pa naman sa ganitong panahon na madalas magkasipon...tapos samahan mo pa ng ubo eh talagang nakakairita nga hayst

  3. hahaha! natawa namn ako dun sa question at naalala ko sarili ko! Pinapasakan ko ng tissue ang ilong ko tatangalin ko lang pag basa na. lol! Ewan ko ba one time super runny talaga yung left side lang naman e ayaw tumigil kakatulo kaya pinasakan ko na lang ng tisue. nyahahaha!

  4. pagaling ka steve! :D wag magalaga ng sakit.:D

  5. hehe
    ang dami mo pa palang dapat gawin
    kaya bawal magkasakit

    take it easy, kid

  6. Good luck on all those plans and projects! But be careful about your health too. You cant do those stuff without good health^^

  7. yeah, it's nice to be able to join in a group of nature-loving people, and to share the experience amongst.. :)

    BTW, what does "kung saan ang sipon mu ay tumutulo habang may ginagawa ka" mean??

  8. lol I'm back! the only problem my lappie has is its LCD so I'm using a projector now. LOL.

    uhhh getting sick really sucks. it deprives you of doing something fun and nasty. so anyway, make sure your throat is already healed before you start practicing your oratorical piece. not that I'm think you're not aware of this, because i know you are. but still. :)

  9. walanjo kuya. tambak ka naman eh! hoho.
    so that means kelangan muna magpahinga a bit.
    vitamin C yan! tigpas yang si sipon! gogogo! :)

  10. oh yes yes yes!
    kapag tinatamad ako gumalaw i just let it flooow!

  11. Be careful to be able to catch up your nose dont allow it to run away haha. Have a great 'Bitin' run..

  12. Take care of the flu before your nose flew away..haha


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