Google Products: Review

For over years, Google has been a helpful tool for everyone of us. I think that Google is the most famous search engines in the world. I am not paid for this post but i just wanna share my experience about Google products. 
As a computer engineering student i am fascinated more with software collaborations such as Microsoft 2010, other Microsoft products and especially Google products. I am more into software than gadgets, yet gadgets is second in my techy/latest list. 

I became more familiar with Google products last year when i started our thesis. Google products helps me collaborate with my team members and i want to share the news with you guys so that you will also have the powerful Google collaboration experience. 

Let's start with blogging. 

We have Picasa web and Picasa 3 for desktop. - I like their new interface, to all users there, i know you know what i am saying. What do you think about it? it's true that their new platform is clean. I am actually watching out for the release of the new platform since they released the teaser for the upcoming reinvention of Blogger platform. Blogger is the most easiest way to blog, provides collaboration, personalizing, customization and sharing! You get the most of blogging here, just name it, and they have it! :)

Picasa 3 for desktop - When you are both using Picasa web and blogger, using this product is convenient especially in photo sharing and uploading to your blogger blogs. Once you have your photo in your desktop, you can easily upload them using Picasa 3 desktop all the way to your Picasa web album or to your blogger blog, you can minimize it while uploading and start doing other things. Convenience and Collaboration: Check!
Here's a video for a glimpse of Picasa 3:

Picasa web - if you upload your photos using Picasa 3 for desktop directly to your picasa web album, sharing it  the world and into you blogger blog is easier by links or by using HTML codes.  Convenience and Collaboration: Check!


This is just the first part of the review. On my next post, i will share the Google office products that i use to collaborate with my team members in doing our thesis while we are connected virtually. Just keep posted because my next post is filled with infos and i am sure, you'll like to have a try on them! 


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  2. have you also tried google-translator? I think google needs to pay attention to that.

    I have nothing against google, i think they're genius.

  3. woohoo.. of course.. very grateful ako kay Mr G kahit pahirapan makakuha ng PR sa kanya...
    after all, hindi ako makakapagblog without his help through
    Yung Search Engine nya na nga lang mismo eh malaki na ang tulong.. actually parang Verb na nga ang turing natin sa salitang google eh.. kasi pag may gusto kang hanapin sa web.. sasabihin mo lang.. na igogoogle mo yun and viola! makikita mo ang hinahanap mo kaagad..

    at ngaun nga may Google + na... let see kung masusurpass nya nga ba talaga ang 2 higanteng social network na Twitter at Facebook...

  4. by the way Steve
    The Blog Idol Round 1 is up
    you can check it here

    I hope you can vote for your top 3 songs for this week..
    thanks and happy blogging to you.

  5. Yey for Google. Whoever created it is genius. Everything about it. :) Although it is not the first, but it has been the most popular search engine ever, plus they invested on many other helpful things people can use over the internet, although Yahoo and MSN offers the same, Google have been the simplest of them all. :)

  6. I love Mr. Google too. Nakaka-amaze nga ung Microsoft products na meron sa gmail. Sad thing hindi ganon ka-techie mga thesis mates ko para magamit namin un. I'll wait for your next post! :p Baka meron pa akong hindi alam. hehe

  7. I used to use Blogger as well and it really is user-friendly and easy to use. It is no wonder that there are a lot of bloggers who use as their host.

    I heart Google Translate as well though sometimes the translations are wrong. Lol. or at times, funny. :) Google + is awesome too. But for me, it can't surpass Facebook. :)

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  9. I was never good at anything related to internet. actually I only learned to use one when I was already in my 1st year of college. And guess what, what I only know was yahoo messenger..hehehe...
    anyway, i barely know about google until last 2009, SERIOUSLY. But, it was astounding how great google is. I really really really love google :)

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  11. Ay naku. Gamit na gamit sa akin 'yang Google na iyan. Ako I use Gmail, Blogger, Google Analytics, Reader, Google Adword, Google Feeds at kung anu ano pa.

  12. it's good that they continue to bring in something new. i continue to hope for more flexibility to blogger.

  13. I heard it's fun to work at Google's offices.


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