R. Dan and Company Review

A few months ago, our thesis project needs a conveyor belt that will be included in our defense so that we can present to the panelists an additional module for our thesis. I searched the internet to buy a second hand conveyor belts but i found nothing so i ended to a brand new conveyor belt.

I called the Robert Dan and Co., a company that creates and supplies conveyor belts and paper services. I thought at first that their company is just a small type like front yard business or something. I really had a nice conversation with them at the phone, they are very accommodating.

One of my fear in dealing in business and equipment is that when they know that we (with my thesis group mates) are students they may get an advantage to us by taking the price high, and i am surprised when i said that i am a student they became much helpful, accommodating and understanding.

So i checked out Google Maps to go to their office so that i can personally see their materials, and i am once again satisfied with their accommodation. Everyone wears smile on their faces.

Now, i am personally recommending R. Dan & Co. when it comes to supplier of different types of conveyor belts. They give fair amount and a good quality of products to their customers.

Here's what i purchased:

The receipt

The conveyor belt description

The conveyor belt that i purchased in R.Dan and Co.  with the OR

Just call them here: 
Mike Endrano
20 Alfonso St.
Rosario, Pasig City 1609 Philippines 
Tel.: +63 2 6562299
+63 2 4707890 
FAX. +63 2 4707890

They also offer other types of products. Click this to check their website.


  1. what's a conveyor belt? hahaha.. i really have no idea... :)

  2. Awesome.

    It is true that some company really does makes it harder for the students. :|

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. @Chilazjukebox. Think if the airport, before ka pumasok diba nilalapag mu yung bag mu to a machine that scans the belongings inside, diba gumagalaw yun, yung fabric na nilalapagan is the conveyor belt.

  4. @steve: wow, un pala un! cool! thanks for the info bro!:)

  5. That's cool, at least meron na kayo supplier na cheaper ang price diba. and it's true na ung iba takes advantage kapag student, kala nila napakayaman ng mga estudyante. :) nice one Steve!

  6. Good luck sa project nyo hehehe...in our company iilan n lng ang may CV belt lalo n sa production kasi mostly ay pick and place robots na ang gamit :)

  7. Ay sosyal pala kayo jag! hehehe, kayo na! kayo na ang da best!


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