The Link Ex project is just basically about my friends in the blogosphere (blogroll/link exchange). Those who are under this list is guaranteed to have a visit/comment/promotion from Artistic World.

If you want to be a part of this list, here are the ways to apply:
  • Post a comment in any of my posts and mention that you wanna be a part of the list (you're not required to comment about the said post, just simply be straight forward). I check comments regularly.
  • Fill out the form by clicking here. I check forms on Saturdays. 
  • Comment on the chatbox below. I seldom check it. 
  • Please be reminded that when you apply, you agree to reciprocate comments on my posts or with my friends. 

I reserve the right to add/remove blogs from this list due to valid/reasonable cause(s).
  • Inactive blogger.
  • Comments are not reciprocated (knowing that you are active and capable). 
  • Foul comments (this is different from being real and straight-forward, i love honest readers).
Happy blogging. Let's be friendly, collaborative, build a healthy writing,  humor-ush, free, young, advocating, artistic web logging community.