Devotions or journaling is a personal part of my life as a Christian. This is my quiet time where God talks to me and teaches me things that i needed to learn. Christianity today rely so much in reading the scripture. Aside from first hand life experience, wisdom is also gained through journaling. Basically, this is a Christian's fuel to continue the race of faith.  As we live in this world, we are expected to excel, live and share. 

Through sharing, we learn from one another. Through sharing, we are able to touch one's life. Through sharing, we can make this world a little better. 

As a part of this sharing gesture, i invited these people to write on this blog. They have their own achievements on their personal journeys. Through these experiences and milestones, for sure, there's something that they could share to us for learning, touch lives and to make this world to be more artistic. 

Here are your guest writers:

Name: Tia Adair
Field of Study: Missionary
Church/Organization: Youth With A Mission
Focus: Knowing God and making Him known in the Nations
Challenges when writing: Narrowing down what exactly to write about. There were so many thoughts in my head about writing it was hard to decide what to write and say.

For the readers: "Know that I am praying for each and everyone of you to encounter Jesus daily" 

Name:  Dorothy Angeles
Field of Study: Business Administration Major in Management.
Church/Organization: Sta. Ana United Methodist Church/ALIVE, Prayerful, Outstanding Youth ni Lord (Apoy ni Lord).
Position: Worship Leader,  Small group leader & Admin.
Focus: Leadership
Thoughts: Life is full of tests and twists.
Challenges when writing: “ The enemy’s saying “you’re writing isn’t worth it””.

Realization: “ My dreams are greater than any disappointments and negativeness. " 
Message: “One of my inspirations as I write this post is my dream of writing a book. I know this devotional blog is one step closer onto it. ”
For the readers: “When you know that God leads your heart, just go for what it desires---whatever it takes”.  
Article: Dream Giver. Dream Chaser.


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