The memory of the past is still coming back and haunting me.....,. Everytime i see her, the lost melody of renaissance is coming back. I don't know if i'm the prey or the predator in this film. i thought i have moved on but i have'nt. it seems like she loves me but not. it's really confusing and absurd, this is critical. everything is misunderstood and i did'nt have the chance to have a closure from the past.
I always escape from the past without any closure, i'm just letting it go. Maybe we have to do something about it, so that the ghost will finally find it's peace into it's home. Maybe i have to let it go and believe in love again.
It's really confusing, confusing because she makes me confuse. I have lost everything and i dont wanna lose something again.
Von boyage for the feelings, let the air blow my sorrows untill i move on. I'm such a stupid follower of art because i always say that those people who believe in love are stupid, but look at me now! i'm starting to swallow what i have said.
We really need to talk and make everythings clear to find a peace in our hearts and move on with our lives. Hopefully the mysterious smile of Monalisa can help me.