my poem

i have made a poem inspired from my friend hope you like this. this poem is full of sorrow and it..

Busca un Amigo
( search a friend )
by steven l dela cruz

In my life i keep on searching....,
searching for something i can't define,
searching for love and trust of gods,
searching for someone i really love

When i woke up in the dawn of silence,
I just found out what i wanna search,
to search a friend who will always be there for me,
to search a friend as a lifetime company

After the sun shone and dark has come,
I lost my friend in hidden wonderland,
By then i realize,
My friend is a worthless piece of art

I've been in momentum of every home,
In the books and music written in the stone,
In the sea of Posiedon, In the sky of Athena
but still i can't find the shoes of Cinderella

As of now theres a dupe in my head,
but i will continue to keep on search,
Until i will found the lost melody of us,
Until my hair become a silver dust...


  1. steve ven, grabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tumagos sa puso ko...... yes ur ryt, true frends r hard 2 find........... ganda talaga. peksman............ 2 msga q sau........ IT SO HIRAP TO FIND SUM1 GAYA U PARANG ITS LIUKE OPENING 1 PERLAS UNDER D DAGAT.. BUT FOUNDING LYK U MAKES D SISID SUPER SULIT>>>>>>>>>>> GALING U TALAGA AND TNX S PAGBASA............


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