Is it better to love or be loved?

In man's journey of love man can learn a lot from it.Man can experience how to love and be loved by someone. loving someone requires to sacrifice, love oneself, trust and honesty. Love is the most mysterious thing in this world that a man can't explain, love has a lot of effects on an individual and on people who sorrounds him based on the experience in love.I believe that you should be loved than love someone. For me, loving someone has no assurance, that the one you love can be unfaithful to you, maybe that someone loves you because of material and physical reasons only.Loving someone is difficult because the love you're giving can be played, dumped and can be batrayed which can cause you not to love again, but if you are loved by someone, you know that that somenone who loves you accepts who you are. If you loved by someone, your mistakes and imperfections is accepted, if you loved by someone you know that it's more than just physical reasons but the whole and real you is the reason why you have loved which may lead you to love that someone too.If you loved by someone You can feel your importance and usefulness and you will learn to value yourself and love the people who sorrounds you.


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