Celine's Death....

I'm so fascinated by this teleserye, Maging Sino Ka Man, since book 1 i've been watching this teleserye. I guess the story had a new twist again when one of the main character died, Celine, because of suffering from cancer. Aside from it, Their dialogs are good!
i guess people look the death of celine in pessimistic view but for me it made the story more beautiful.

These are the videos of celine and jb, starting from their wedding!listen carefully as they deliver their vows it's so great!whoever may the script writers of their dialogs!I salute them!

CELINE: you and i will pass away someday my love,
but the love we've come to share will never die,
It will live on, and live, it will........

jB: My love your face is all i know of sunrises and sunsets
i touch you and i touch the sun
Warmth in light, Source of all life
I live over you....

CELINE:Our love will endure,
Through the years unfolding,
And others will know of it,
For a love is like a song
And in this song,
we shall live on, and live, we will……..
For forgiveness to triumph over hate,

JB:Hope, over despair

CELINE:It is a choice to hold on to life,

JB:To go on....

CeLINE:It is not a promise…,
For promises are easily broken
JB:It is a vow edged in my heart
One that I shall look by,.....
for you....

Celine: And if god should do so much As find our paths again,
in another time,
in another life
I shall love you still

JB:And I shall love you
‘till all your tears are gone..

after the wedding a few weeks were passed and celine died.
watch the romantic and heart-warming death of celine'

Ofcourse everyone is sad because of celine's death.....watch corazon's sorry( celine's mother-in-law) because of her unfair way of treating celine when she was alive.


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