Memorable Qoutes

Now that Maging Sino ka Man has ended i remember some memorable qoutes from this teleserye so i will share it to everyone for the sake of art

Qoutes from Celine and JB
JB: My love your face is all i know of sunrises and sunsets,
I touch you and i touch the sun.
CELINE: You and i will pass away someday my love,
but the love we've come to share will never die.
there's also another one, they delivered this dialog before Celine died.
Celine: Let's go on a trip
JB: Where?
Celine: to the Past
JB: Maybe there we can avade the future
Celine: There's no stopping the future Jb
I just want our love story to come full circle
I want it to end where i started loving you,..
And the love,...our love...,
It was the best..


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