A Birthday Confession

another year has come again in my life. i'm just so confuse of what should i think about my birthday, should i be happy because at the age of seventeen i'm still alive and i have an opportunity to fulfill my dreams or should i be sad because i'm not getting any younger, and next year probably i will be celebrating my 18th birthday and im getting closer to death.
wow it was a wonderful life i could'nt believe this!i'm seventeen now. and i've already made the first step to college,it's been a year since i graduated from high school. Yes i'm difinitely happy in my college life, but i miss the high school days, it's really different in high school. I miss all of my friends. and i know that it would be so impossible for us to see each other again because we're all living our own lives now. I guess i have to admit that i really did'nt move on from high school blues, oh!.....how i miss those days....hhm... i think the lyrics from the song"high school life" is true, I just realized it now. "high school life, oh high school life ay walang kasing saya, bakit 'pag graduation nay luluha kang talaga..,
what should i confess? maybe...this year, this birthday, i became more focused, matured, organized, and stabled. Thanks to the high school musical because i realized that i should go on with my dreams, come what may!.
Maybe this year i learned to love myself, to be myself, and break free!, i learned more to value other people, and ofcourse the nature. Maybe i'm just afraid and i'm not ready yet to face the challenges of world and i just don't like to hear the number 18!next year,i feel so old!....maybe 3 years more i'll leave the word adolescent or teen.haaaaaay!..... but i know!that god is my great companion, i know that he will guide me to the road of triumph and success.
Another year will come, i will be meeting new people again. but i'll keep this on my mind. "i will enjoy, i will learn the lessons of life, and i won't be afraid to face the consequences, and i'll just be me!". Thanks god for giving me this life, this chance to live and see the beauty on earth!


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