My first Love

People fall in love for so many times and reasons, and sometimes it takes time to find the true love. As people fall in love over and over again, people learned a lot of things and those things started in the first time people fell in love. First love is unique because this is the first time to feel how to give an affection onto others, and experience love in so many ways.

My first love is one of the most memorable experience I had in life. It taught me a lot of things in life.

It was back in summer of 2004 when I had my first love. I was fourteen at that time, and I'm about to become a sophomore student. I guess that was one of the most memorable summer vacations I had,because I met my first love. My first love is a young sister of my classmate, I really didn't know her that well, and I really didn't thought that I will fall in love with her.

Everything started when we had our heart to heart conversation. I found out a lot of things about her, and it was so weird that we have a lot of things in common and we have the same religion. After that conversation, we started seing each other, she introduced me in the branch of Methodist church near our home and we started to go to church with her grandmother, we're neighbors so we're always together. Her family knows me as well as mine. We also joined the church choir in the church so our bond got deeper. I guess the reason why i fell in love with her is because wehave alot of things in common.

Weeks passed and one day I woke up and I realized I fell in love with her. I guess she felt my feelings for her and we had a mutual understanding, although we didn't made it formally in our courtship but I know that our hearts felt it.

When the class started she enrolled in the school where I studied but we became cold to each other, and seldom seeing and bonding. Although my first love had a little sad ending it is still memorable for me because I knew that "tao pala ako at may nagkakagusto sakin.. hehe..".

She accepted me whoever I am, despite of my imperfections. IfI will be given a chance to be with her, I will, but now it would be impossible because she's taking care of her son. We are still friends and see each other sometimes.

My first love taught me a lot of things, to value myself, and love myself. To look at the brighter side of life, and made me realize that I'm a loveable person.


  1. my's so funny if you always remember your first love...
    pero minsan yung iba panget na para sa sa kanila ang isipin ang first love..dahil sa iba't ibang kadahilanan ng iba't ibang nagmamahal...tulad ko nlang,hehehe!!!echos....masasabi ko lng!!!swete ka pag maganda ang memory mo sa first love gudluck na lang sa mga di pa nakakakita ng kanilang first love..well i'm Gretchen....

  2. wow. love. what i've been trying to let go. heh. but i guess that would have really been so nice if you get together. :)

  3. love is really something nO? hehehe.. but.. im not for it right now.
    anyways sure link ex. ive link u na. :) palink back nlng po


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