San Roque Fiesta

Filipino culture is really rich in different traditions and events which some and mostly came from spanish culture,and this event builds their relation with god, family and country men strong. Mostly filipino fests give thanks to god for their succesful life-living andHere are some of the photos from that event

They are the people who participAted the fest who danced and repricented their barangays.

The photos you have seen are the parade of dancers from different barangays of Malanday,Valenzuela,Philppines.

This is the end of the San Roque Parade and almost all the people are coming back to the church of San Roque to offer some Prayers.

The STI -MAGS always go to different places in their area to promote STI, so we, the mags went to the fiesta of San Roque not just to promote the school but also, to share the happiness, and joy in the fiesta.


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