It's my Mom's Birthday

There is always someone who is always there since were young, who taught us to read, and write , and is always there to tell us on what the right things to do and lessons of life, our mothers.
They're the one who's always been there in our up's and down's, in our first loves, and all of the firsts for teens and even when we get old, until we got our own families and children.
I should say that my mom is such a great & responsible mother, she's been taking care of me for almost 17 years. She's so great that i wanted to be with her always,until i die(if this a being a mother's boy, i don't care).
When i'm in 7th grade she was already fixing her papers to fly abroad for financial issues, and when i reached in 8th grade, she left and went to Saudi Arabia. I was so sad, but optimistic in a way that i know that it will be a start for me to take care of myself and reach for my dreams on my own.
Last year she went back home and we came back into our province to visit my younger brother and our relatives there, but she left again after staying for almost two months.
Last July 24, 2008 was her birthday, and since she's in abroad this is one of my gift for her aside from calling.
For my mom i wish you a very Happy Birthday and more birthdays to come,I Love you so much!.
So bloggers!After reading this post tell to your mamas that you love them and be good to them!.

(My mom in Saudi Arabia, Last 2006)


  1. wooow. that's so nice. happy birthday to your mom. :)

  2. wow... ^^ happy birthday to her! ^^

    anyway, ask ko lng, you're a wing 2 officer?? (d ko nagets. haha)

    hugs and kisses

  3. Oh this is sweet!

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

  4. so sweet of you! happy birthday to your mom then!! :)


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