Last June 21, 2008, because of Typhoon Frank(local name for the International Typhoon Feng Shen) the Passenger Vessel MV Princess of the Stars of Sulpicio lines turned upside down that caused a tremendous disaster and deaths of it's 724 passengers. MV Princess of the Stars suppose to be going in Cebu City but in Sibuyan Island, Romblon they hit the storm that turned the ship upside down and sink.
After the tragedy, the bodies of the victims are starting to disappear in various places, that caused a lot of problems in the residence of Romblon and some provinces near in the tragic place. Most of the people don't want to eat fishes because they afraid that maybe the fishes have eaten some parts of body of the victims. The tragedy also paralyzed the fishing industry and the selling of fish in some parts of the Philppines
As the Investigation continues, many problems are starting to appear, the investigators found out, that there's a toxic chemical inside the ship called Endosulfan and it can kill the divers who rescue the victims trapped inside the ship, the chemical can also contaminate the sea that turned the province of Romblon to forbid all the residence to swim, catch fish and eat any marine animals.
The investigation is still on going, and the families are starting to complain about the bodies of their relatives, while the owner of the ship Sulpicio Lines, different companies and some government agencies are blaming the faults to each other.


  1. naku i don't think there's anyone who hasn't heard about this. talagang nakakalungkot ung nangyari. i mean hundreds died. i know someone who's relative died there. it's too sad. :(

  2. awts.uu nga. nabalitaan ko n rin toh. kawawa tlga ung mga nandun s barko x]


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