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for a few days(or should i say weeks) i was not around, i mean i was not planning to have new posts lately, it's because maie (maie is my classmate she's also into blogging, maybe some of you know her) and i are busy to earn money from blogging. As you can see, my site is full of ads from different advertisers, i was also busy gaining traffics and other stuffs. Although i entertain the visitors in my chat box, i was really not in the mood to post a new entry, and to my links/friends sorry for not posting a comment on your latest post/s lately, but after this post i'll blog hop!.
At the meantime, hope you guys pray for me to be accepted in the sites i signed up with and be approved. My next post is really hard to do, it's about love, since i'm not in-love, i'm finding it hard to build a compatible words so that every readers can relate!.
So thank you everyone look for me on you tagboards...............I'm coming!


  1. Just come to say: Hello and best wishes for ur love :)

  2. oye. LOVE? nyay. wala akong alam jan. good luck. X3 so yeah, pati na rin sa mga inaplayan ko.

    i know maie. *proud* hehe.

  3. Hi..just informing you that i came by ... and hope to learn more from u in making money through blogging.. thanks..take care.

  4. good luck sa pag-eearn ng money! ;) yan din pinagkakaabalahan ko ngayon eh.. pati nga mga PTC sites pinatulan ko na.. XD


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