Last July 2008, i joined Mr. & Ms. STI 2008 held at SM Marilao(it is in Bulacan). I've been trying to post this entry as early fresh as i could, but i have to wait for my photos, i mean, for the photos!.
It was a nice experience!I Enjoyed it since my dream is to become a ramp and image model!.
The event was started in the casual wear, where we have to introduce spiel was like this " Physical looks always captivates every one's eyes, that is why, in most beauty contests, this weighs more. However, i do believe that inner good qualities count a lot, especially, to God's Almighty's sight. I still believe, one must be humble, yet confident, on this God-given gifts. I'm Steven L. Dela cruz, representing, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering section 21a!"...i really love that spiel.
Then followed by the Sports wear, which i think i really got this portion very bad(i was almost slip in the runway while showing the skills of my sports wear, taekwondo), thanks God i didn't slip, but the audience quite noticed it.
Then the casual wear, comes the awarding part and the finally the top 5!
Did you think i won?...haha!....i'll tell you in my next post!, but for now i have to show some of my photos.

this is the Casual wear, where i delivered my best spiel ever:

followed by the sports and casual wear:

Then the awarding part:


  1. naks dream mo pla un eh no.. goodluck ha! hehe cute naman medyu malabo lng mga pix but ok lng

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    ThaNKs a lot!
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