Stages of love

People hurt, forgive and love and love, hurt and forgive all over again. Maybe were not familiar in this process but yah, this happens to us everytime. I made a personalized stage of how man falls in love in a chronological process, so we we're able to know on what stage are we in now.

So now here's the stages:

Attention Calling - this stage is the start of falling in-love. In this stage an individual is starting to become concious about his looks and even in the way how he communicates, reacts and deals with others, the reason is that, he is starting to find someone without knowing it.

Finally found! - this stage speaks for it's title " Finally Found", means that your starting to like a person, and this usually starts in a crush and sometimes hatred just like the saying " the more you hate, the more you love".

Sleepless Nights - this is where you start to fall in-love on a person, where sleepless nights come because of thinking about the one you love.

The Last Stop - Finally the last stage, where you have fallen in-love on to a person.

so, how about you?In what stage are you in now?have you start to call an attention or you have fallen-in- love already!. Good luck in your love life!


  1. hmm.. wait let me think..

    *thinks for a while*

    siguro nasa last stop na ako. haha

  2. haha ofcoz.. andun na ako sa stage ng falling in love XD haha!


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