This post is about sama ng loob!yap you've read it right....SAMA NG LOOB....So the story is like this. Last tuesday(10/28/08) i went into our school to get my grades for this semester, when i got my grades, i didn't expect na ganun kababa ang grades ko..it's not that bad but for me it is, because i know that i can make my grades higher pa but i played around thinking that i can get high grades. Well in our course kasi(BS Computer Engineering)it's given na mahirap talagang makapasa, when you do your best and the very best that you do is not enough to get excellent grades, it's very dissappointing, so hindi na ko gaanong nagseryoso dahil nangyari na sakin yun before, and i was very dissappointed.But still i feel so sorry and everything is too late, and now i learned another lesson in life. Study hard and give your best in every simple thing that you do(although i do this naman) it's just that you really feel lazy when that studies are in the middle(you know that feeling?) na it seems like you don't wanna review for the exams because nothing's new. Well ganyan talaga ang buhay...marami pa namang sem ang darating sa buhay ko and from now on...di na 'ko tatamarin Hopefully!hehehe...:).


  1. Disappointed din ako sa grades ko last sem, well, di naman lahat, pero cguro may isang subj na di ko nagustuhan ung binigay saking grade. ang unfair, kasi alam kong mas deserve ko ung mataas na grade,

    oh well, bawi na lang tayo ngaun. :))

  2. nko i know that feeling.. last last sem gnyan ako eh.. as in maiyak na ako hnd nmn failed. pero alamo un! grrr.. kya ako always nerdy mode nlgn haha!

  3. Ou nga madami pang sem. May 7 sems to go pa tayo! Kaya yan. Sometimes, it's ok to feel disappointed para next time mas galingan mo pa! :)


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