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Yesterday, (december 05,2008/friday) i bought a book, to have a sort of reading every night or in the school as we wait for our professor to come. The book is worth Php. 100.00 and buy 1 take 1, so i got 1. These are they.

Last night i started reading the other book
(Brighten the corner where you are, as shown
in the left, the brown one). I finished the first chapter then i went to sleep.
The other one i bought( Book Man speaks). I have no idea what's in it, but there's a word art in the discription of the book so i bought it.

Let's go to the other topic, do you see the 4 images down there, i was the one who captured those. Lately i was amazed in the scenery in the window of the lounge in our school so i captured it, to have a little play----i made it vintage, and look at the outcome, it's nice.Actually, red had encouraged me to post more photos in my blog because they're beautiful, she said.Thanks red.!:)

and now, let's break it down into the final reason of this post, our hectic week. My God we will be having an intramurals, we are the organisers, and not just that. Our section will present a special number and we haven't started anything yet, this week we will start our practice in the middle of the pre-lims, yap you've read it right, pre-lims, so here it goes, organisers, practice, prelims, intrams is equal to us. My god....Please help us!:)Grrr.....studies are such a.....but after these, a long vocation, food and happenings will come.


  1. looks like you really love reading books..

  2. WOW. We both love reading books pala. Wahaha. I'm reading The Twilight SAGA. Try reading it too!

  3. wow.. nice shots right there! ^^ i just remembered that we also need photographs for our project! and you miss me? thanks! ^^ thanks also for the comment on my site! well, i think you should put the comment in the right post.. ^^

    hugs and kisses

  4. wow! i just bought two books today as well. hahaha. XD i love books.
    anyway,red is right! you take really impressive pictures! :D
    anyway, do check my latest post. :) I'm inviting you have fun with us bloggers! :)


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