Last week, i was watching a late night program. There's a news in the headline that caught up my attention----the students who were suspended because of a libelous post about their principal.

The story is like this, 10 students were suspended for 1 week because of an entry they wrote about their principal's way of managing their school on their blog. The principal believes that what the students wrote is something bad for her image.

On the other hand, some of the parents of the students were complaining because they believe that it's the students right to express their feelings for their principal on their blog/s.

(I didn't mention any details about the school and student's names because i find it very sensitive.)


1. On the principal's side: Do really bloggers have a limitation in writing about their feelings and comments on their blog?

2. On the blogger's side: Are we limited in writing about our opinions on our own blogs considering the fact that it's our own diary and the only difference is, it is posted online?

- you decide guys.


  1. Infairness, I love this topic.

    Anyway, bloggers have the right whatsoever.. if masususpend ang student dahil dun.. ibig sabihin when we rant about something else, like GLOBE SMART RESTAURANT SERVICE AND ALL.. Ibig sabihin ba nun dapat may parusa din tayo?

    We complain because we see flaws, we see some things that are wrong.. We blog, to let our anger out, to let the people know how things goes to random places..

    According to the law



    Diba diba? ang haba ng comment ko, dinibdib ko ata hahaha!

  2. yap aisha your correct!...we really all have human rights!

    ---nice comment!

  3. huh? bloggers are opt for their own opinion, as long as wla sila sinasagasa..

  4. Everybody is titled to their own opinion. I think that what the principal did was way over the top. She could have just reprimanded or aired her side of the issue.

  5. 1. uhm..maybe we have to respect other people, too, when we blog. it's unethical to just post something that would degrade a person. =/
    2. yes we are. this is the internet. it's like shouting our thoughts to everyone. we are free to do what we want, but we have to remember that we must also consider the feelings of others. it's some morality you know. the real world isnt different from the virtual reality. we still have to be nice. :)

  6. i think the student has the freedom to express what he needs's like what we called freedom of speech. if it's for the preess then freedom of the press...toinks. long as everything is true or else that student will be in the court for some reasons....wahahaha

  7. At least, the principal is reading her students' blogs hehehe. People can be sensitive nowadays. However, people are entitled to their own opinions, we all have our rights. But if the principal thinks that her rights were violated, she should take it to the proper forum and not just go suspending students.

  8. It all boils down to our right for freedom of expression... anybody can air about his sentiments in any form of media. However, we should also be responsible to whatever ideas that we are feeding our readers. We can not just write malicious things about anybody. These people have rights, too. But the principal, overreacted on this case.

  9. wow guys, i like your replies, there are so nice talaga!Thanks for sharing!


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