Spend the bucks

For the very first time i made a review for the website eye floaters. I was never expecting the review, i made a bid that cost $10 USD and i thought that the advertiser refused because the amount is high. Suddenly, when i arrived from the training i attended in antipolo, i checked my inbox(e mail) i was shocked and surprised because the advertiser asked me to do the review. I was very happy.

Then i received the email from paypal that cost $10 USD. When i signed in at my paypal account, i have ten USD. I had money atlast.

This is my account in paypal. (on the left).

But my problem is how am i gonna spend it? If i'm gonna withdraw it in the bank, i will only get Php. 200.00, so i decided to spend it online. If you guys want to sell a bag worth $10 down, i'll check if i'll buy the item. If you also know a site that sells body bag for men, please do tell me.


  1. Congrats sayo. :))
    Masaya kumita online nuh? :))

  2. wow... I will earn $10 soon. :)lol.

    congrats and happy blogging.

  3. ano ba yan. d nasubmit comment ko..

    anyway congrats for the payment :)
    buti ka pa kumita na online. ako hindi pa , haha.

    btw ahm, dati nagpaderma ako pero super tagal na nun.. hehe thanks po sa comment!

  4. cool, buti ka pa.. sana aku din makak earn.. pa help naman any advice? :D

  5. wow! ur lucky u have 10$ already :) I'm still having hard time figuring out where or when I'll have a 1$. lols

  6. wohh, i missed earning online, probably this summer i'll be earning again! ^^

  7. Wow! Congrats bro! Can you let me in on this gig? :)

  8. Okay cool. Now I don't get much money anymore. Hahaha. I get $7.50 lang for every post at bihira pa yun ha. :))


  9. cool! 10 bucks!!! $7.50 pa talaga highest na na-receive ko eh..

    hahaha.. well, congratz to you! keep up the good work XD

  10. wow! congrats jan. hehe! sarap pag nakakatnggap e, paraang ang sarap gastusin agad~ haha


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