April fools day depression!

Today is April fools day, April 1. This morning i was really after the celebration, I fooled my class and schoolmates that i'll be transferring to other school, i also fooled some of my high school classmates. My school and class mates was shocked when they heard the news! but of course, i was just fooling them. Some reacted a lot, saying that they will really miss me, and some asked what happened.

Fooling other people was fun, well they can't react because today is april fools. When i revealed that i was just fooling, they were really laughing, and they said that i was LECHEplan. haha.

But who could have been more shocked than me, when my source told me that other people was happy when they knew the news that i'll be transferring to other school(although the transferring issue was just a joke). My blood ran into my head and my inner organs started to shake, i was like " they are happy when I'm gone? what could've been more when i die?....". I was sad and shocked because i never expected this, i don't treat other people badly but i treat them as HUMAN!. I know i have mistakes and attitudes, but nobody's perfect right?right?. I don't deserve the way they treat me!. I just can't understand why they do that to me, I didn't do anything against them!, and even they do bad things unto me, i just forget those and believe that maybe there's still a way to make up things right.

BUT EVERYTHING IS OVER!!!, i won't forgive them this time. My patience have lost, and IT'S ENOUGH!. I won't let them hurt me anymore. Anyway, i know a lot of people understand me and love me so much, so i don't have to worry!

- to my source thank you a lot for telling me that there are kinds of people like them! Should i consider that back fighting? You decide guys!.


  1. the first one is funny but the second one is not. :) who knows they are just fooling you? - the way you did?

    don't feel bad because we really can't please everyone.

    happy blogging.

  2. awww. kung ako ikaw naku iinit din ulo ko. saka syempre.. malulungkot.. kasi meron palang mga taong may ayaw sa akin.. pero as you said, nobody's perfect kaya wag silang maggaganun. baka naman inggit lang sila sayo kasi matalino ka? pwede :)

    sorry kuya ah, d kita nalink kagad. nagkaproblem kasi ung blogs namin eh. ngayon ko lang ulit naaccess :)

  3. kuya! let them. yae mo sila. may araw din sila. LOL.

  4. ....

    hello steVe!!?

    Thanks for helping me create my own blog.

    I am glad that you give your time and giving some efforts.

    just stay cool and don't mind those person who also don't mind you!

  5. Hi steve! First of all thanks for commenting on my post. Anyway, please don't feel bad. Cheer up and enjoy your life..

    Don't bother with those jerk ppl. Just be yourself as long as you know what is right and what is not..

    Anyway, nice knowing you and oh ya, i am from Malaysia. PEACE! Happy blogging :) SMILE..!

  6. hello bro !.thanks for the comment on my post

    naku nakakainis naman yang may mga tao pala gusto kang mawala hay ,they are bad.dont bother them, may time din yan

  7. grabe naman ung iba, nakakadepress isipin pag ganun, akala mo nakasuporta sau, hindi naman pala...

    hayaan mo lang sila, what goes around , comes around~


  8. No one dared to fool me that day. Good thing. Haha :)

    Hayaan mo sila. Let them hate you all they want. You can't do anything about it. Accept and move on. Just ignore their faces. :)

    P.S Added you in my links.

  9. Hi, Steve!

    Naisahan mo sila dun ha! At least you know now kung sino-sino ang mga totoong nagmamahal sa iyo. Hayaan mo na yung mga ibang natuwa na aalis ka, inggit lang ang mga yun.

    Btw, I have a new post! God bless!


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