Signing on again!

Atlast, finally back in busy life again. Actually i was gone for my uncle's death, he was diagnosed for diabetes, but everything's too late so we can't do anything but let him go to God. I was also gone for renewing myself, i was a little bit stress in this past few months and think about things and life, to realize something about love and living.

My family used the opportunity to rest and escape away from busy life. Actually, i posted to my last posts that we will be coming home to masbate to have a vacation, but unexpectedly, my uncle died, so, going back to masbate was a dual purpose.

For now, i can't show pictures pa, because we still fixing things here in manila. I promise you guys that i'll show the pictures asap, i also got videos, just try to follow my blog every now and then because it'll be a series of posts about Masbate and the wonders beyond in and on it.

When i was there in masbate, i miss everything here, but when i came back, i miss everything there, living a simple life, the smell of the farm and the animals, the nature, everything of masbate. You know what, if only there's an internet there and if everything is easy to access, i will stay there for life.

* Have you noticed my new layout?(i'm sure you do), this layout is inspired from my vacation!.


  1. i actually love the layout XD i like the coors.. it's eye-friendly :)

    well, i hope i can come to masbate someday :) my friend lives there and he told me about the simplicity of the place XD
    god, i love to travel, too :)

  2. oh! sad ur uncle had passed away!...
    btw, love ur new layie..nice!..luv the banner!

  3. hi stevevhan! yes,welcome back to both of us..i love your new layout esp on the header.Love the scenario!I love travel too!I wish I could travel to Philippines someday.
    Btw, sorry for your loss.Deepest sympathy and condolence to your family.God blessings!

  4. hey you're back! :D yeah, i'll be looking forward to pictures because I wonder how it is in Masbate.
    my sincerest condolences, stevehan.

  5. Hey kuya! you'reeeee back! :D. mamats naman uy., haha. you can study foreign language anytime! btw, love life? lmfao. wag na muna. haha. >.<

    Nice new theme,. haay, buti pa nga ikaw nakagala ngayong summer. mimissh qna bicol nung nabasa q about sa masbate naiisip ko ang bicol. haha! (drama agad. lol) tc kuya!

  6. I like the header most! I'm sorry for you uncle. He feels no pain now, free and happy. :) I'll watch out for the photos! ;)

  7. I'm sorry about your uncle.. but I'm sure happy na siya ngayon and he is in good hands :)

  8. Vacation is really fun... especially if it is stress free...

    I'm sorry about your uncle... that is life, sometimes, you have to set people free...

    I saw your new layout and it is good... pretty good.

    happy blogging. :)

  9. I'm sorry about what happened on your uncle. I luv ur lay. It's really nice and pretty relaxing ^^


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