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I really don't know what to feel, bitterness is really out in my sight. Although i am sad cause of the lost i had in BULPRISA, the pain is not that much compare to last year when i joined Declamation.

FYI, i joined Oration for the district meet of Bulprisa, but sadly i lost it because i forgot some of my lines. I was looping in the near end part of my piece, I was almost there but the luck maybe for this time was not on my hands. just like i said, i am sad, not disappointed cause i did my best, but really sorry for the minute amnesia i had.

BULPRISA is considered as one or maybe the most prestigious annual event in Bulacan. All of the private schools from grade school to college compete for the Cultural/ Academics and Athletics category. And for me, if your one of the athletes that will represent your school, you're definitely a star. Bulprisa stands for Bulacan Private Schools Association.

So now back to the story, I really don't know what to feel, cause maybe i enjoyed this year's Bulprisa cause the cultural Team, our team really bonded after our competition without even considering our rankings and the outcome of our events. But today really i am sad. Torn if i should compete again next year and get some vengeance or better stop dreaming to compete for provincial, (bahala ka na maam chong). Maam Chong is my coach. I am glad cause she's not mad at me, instead determined to have a revenge again next year.

This moment is clear to my memory:

I was in the middle of my delivery, then suddenly i was starting to realize that i am forgetting my lines. Then i stopped, my hands are cold, i don't know if this is caused by my nervousness, but i think i am not nervous at that time. Then i was thinking the next lines that i need to deliver but i cant really remember anything, all of the people inside the room was looking at me, but i am not worried, I'm just calm.

I took a deep breath then deliver again the line where i stopped hoping that ill remember the lines, but again i loop and went back to the first line.

I took a deep breath again and finally i delivered the line until the end of my piece to the title.

When i stopped, this words are running in my head " Oh no!, after this, i know i wont get the chance to win. What will my team mates say? I'm losing this one, but i cant let this happen.......there's really no chance at all, good bye to provincial and hello to next year"

I looked to my coach but she turned her head back..." Oh my God, my coach is not looking, so I'm on my own now"

After i delivered my lines, as i make my way to my seat, I look at my coach and said......

"Ma'am, I forgot my lines" with the sad face and about to cry thinking of all the efforts our team gave, but my coach replied with a smile on her lips saying " OK Lang yun"

Ill share you this picture of my medal, we are 6 contestants, but you guess in which rank i dropped.

Here are some of our pictures from Bulprisa to lamon mode:

*This post is due to the demand of my coach!hahaha.


  1. Aww. That's too bad. But it doesn't mean you should give up!! Maybe God is testing you, tsktsk. You can do better next time, just believe in yourself :D

  2. oh dat's okay,
    der's always a next time,=)
    and u still are lucky, congrats..
    nevur hurd of BULPRISA tho, but it sounds FUN.
    coOl sh0ts BTW ;))

  3. oh. Ok lng yan kuya, Better luck next time. =) Still, I know you did good. Congrats!

  4. that is okey...

    there is always a next time, right..
    and you already have a medal. :)

    happy blogging.

  5. I feel for you I've experienced some of those I forget the lines I should say. I'm always bad at memorization :(

    Well maybe 3rd place :)

  6. It's okay. You know I experienced that too when i was forced to join a talumpati , I forgot some lines and After that i cried HAHAHA it's funny but i still won 3rd place which is kinda pasang awa kasi 4 contestans lang kami. :)) Bawi ka na lang next year :) Don't worry. Godbless!

  7. ayun gets ko na ang bulprisa..congrats ulit ^^


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