What is an active citizen?

I've been so busy these days, that's why i cant update my blog. Every time I'm online, i just open my facebook account(Farmville), after doing some harvesting and farmer stuffs, and just go log out after.

So i call myself now as an active citizen, why? because for a whole week, I've been doing lots of stuffs, i have lots of appointments in school and even on our church. We have lots of projects this time, compare to my previous year in Engineering, just like my professor said " Third year talaga ang pinakamahirap na year ng engineering", and that's is definitely true. for me, the subjects aren't hard but the requirements, hectic schedules, projects, quizzes and exam are killing us, or maybe just only for myself because of the hectic schedules i have.

Here are my schedules:

In our church:
Sat- Practice for the anniversary and Christmas celebration of youth, 8:00 am-12:00pm.
Sun- Practice for Interpretative Dance, Workshop, Play 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
- Continuation of practice of youth, 3:00 pm=5:00 pm.
- Vesper Service, 6:00 pm-7:00pm.

Plus: Memorization of Dance steps & Lines. Me as the role of Jesus! haha, Yap, me as Jesus, aside of being privileged, i am more challenged to play the role, because i think, i am not deserving for the role!huhu, but I'll do my Best for it!

In School:
I wont be enumerating the days, ill just mention the things that i have to do for the whole week.

Passing of our Electronics projects before the final exams(individual), plus the documentation of those. The project is not that easy because you have to design your own circuit and test if it's working, so if you cant understand the subject, Electronics, flow of current, polarity, etc. it will lead to no projects, no circuit, no final grade and may lead to rating of 3:00(tres) or 5:00 (singko). Sad right?. So, mind is really a must in this subject plus the skills.

Our programming subject. This time, we are grouped, but our group isn't still starting for our system. We have to choose one system from three choices, the inventory, payroll and enrollment. So, our group chosen the inventory system cause we believe that "Mas mahirap, mas masaya". We think that inventory system is the hardest of all the choices so we chose it, cause the easy you do, the lesser you will learn right?

Aside from those, my busyness was added again by another two things in my sched.

1st, the BULPRISA. BULPRISA is the annual event competition in Bulacan that include all the private schools in from Prep to college. The Event is divided into two, the athletics and academics. I am not athletic so i am in the team of academics, in oration. Last year i represented our school for declamation but i was lost. Hopefully this year, i'll hit the top! Pray for me guys!

2nd, I have a tutor. After my schooling, i have to go to my tutor to check if she has an assign, if there's nothing, good, but if there's, good still, because this means money!hahaha. The sad part of this is even if i go home late haggard and disgusted, i still have to go to her and do her assignment if she has!.

Even though i have busy days, Thanks still to our president, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, for she gives us long weekends. So, last time, i have gone with them to play basketball even though i don't play(ya know, just to have some sort of bonding). It was fun but turned out hell for my side, because i felt dumped because they don't pass me the ball cause every time the ball reach my bare hands, our team and the game turn to hell for i don't know what to do with the ball that i don't shoot it but pass it again with another team mates. "the experience jerked me, thought me lessons and encouraged me to play basketball after i graduated or even this summer if i have the time".

Here are some shots of this post:
* when i passed this circuit to my prof for him to check he said " Class listen, so, this is the best example of .....REJECT" haha, Isn't a good review right?

My classmates as they do the Electronics Project & our working space:



And my Cat:

*i donno, why i have to mention her, i just fell like doing it, even though she's a stubborn one!


  1. ahhh! namimis q tuloy ang electronics lab namen ee! at ung mga nareject din na logic diagram hahahaahaha! grabeh!


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