3 reasons why

Oh it's Christmas Everyone......Hohohoho, Merry Christmas!!!.

The truth is, i am not happy cause this year was seems to be a disaster year for my family. Do you know that on the very moment of new year, my aunt was crying cause we were so worried about my mom's situation in Saudi Arabia( i won't give any details for that...sorry:( ). I just ignore the situation at that time cause we can't do anything about it. But, don't worry guys, cause my mom's okay now.

Second, My uncle died this year. This is the very first time that our family had lost one. And this is because of diabetes. I mentioned a post about this before, it was way back in summer this year. But the purpose of his death was to bond my aunts and uncle's together, for us to have a reunion, for us to cherish are family and enjoy each member's company as long as they still with us. To Papa Jordy, My you continue to guide us, especially your children. We will take care of them.

Third, the Good health is gone. I really have a lot of faith that my Grandparents are really tough one's in terms of physical and emotional. They are so hardworking that's why whenever they are sick, i am confident that they will get well easily. And i have never heard that they had major sicks ever sine or even minor---i haven't seen my grandparents had a fever!.(since birth)

But this year, my grandma suffer a stomach infection. It was really a serious one. and for this Christmas, my grandpa is confined in the hospital 'cause of some sort of Blood Infection. I am so sad. Before i was telling to myself " O.A. ha? Pasko lang, Pwede namang hindi or i-celebrate yun!" whenever i see people that had accidents, injuries, death within the Christmas Season. But now, that i am on their shoes. I tell you, it's not that easy even if we try to be happy.

My grandparents maybe suffer sicks cause of age. But i know that they will still live long cause God will take care of them & also because they have a strong faith on him cause they transferred their faith to us.


Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. Tough year... I'm sure 2010 will be a lot better. Just hang on my friend. :)

  2. oops....hope your grandma recover from her infection soon. stay strong and always have faith for good. anways steve kindly relink me. I've change my blog tnx.

  3. there is a next year.. new hope and new beginning. :)

    happy blogging. :)

  4. aww. that sucks big time on christmas.. but still there's a reason for everything and just believe that things will be back to normal.. So hows your family now kuya?.. :)

    Hmm. i changed number months ago.. i got sim blocked! **huhu-- you can email me kuya :)

  5. Everything's gonna be alright. And remember, everything happens for a reason. There's still next year, it should be great, make it great. So, cheer up! :)

  6. Cheer up, Steve! I wish you a better one in 2010! Happy New Year! ;)

  7. I have one thing to say about the predicament of your grandparent and that is humility to God's will.

    Yes, humility will enable you to accept things that the Lord wants to happen. Humility will enable you to accept sickness and death which is part of our world and is probable to occur to our loved ones.

    Humility will enable us to see that the is just an open door to our ultimate destination, which is the Heavenly Kingdom of God.

    I know that it is painful, but we have to accept this things. We are on the same shoes because my granddad is also ill and just waiting for his time.

    My prayer for him is not to escape death but to for him to be pardoned by the Lord and be accepted into his Kingdom. I ask that His will be done, may it be death or the recovery from sickness.


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