the Sun has shine!

After the sad story. Still, the sun is always set to shine as well as the clouds are fading.

Something to start a happy post tonight. Something interesting to talk and chat about!. The Career Factor experience with friends from Global City and high school students from various schools last January 16, 2009. I must say that this is one of the most memorable CF that i had c ause i was so attached with my team as well as my organization family.

CF is an adventure made for HS students to prepare them as they enter the college life. And STI is doing it for Students. Nop e, i am not a participant but i am one of the facilitators. To tell you the story, just look at the pics i have:

We have organize this event since last year, but last Saturday was something special cause we have friends from global who taught us and trained us more for the effectiveness of the event. after the event. Loud music was starting to rise up as the students leaving, but they'd not, instead, they stayed for a while to have some "mini party", dance with the groove of party music.

Prior to this, we also had a training held the day before the event with Sir mark.

*So the moments:

*our friends from global:

PS: Grandad is fine now!, he's getting well. Thanks for all those who pray for him. btw, i am excited for summer also for my summer layout!how about you?


  1. woa. that looks cool. well yea, sun will always set to shine. :P

  2. I've heard about Career Factor na! :D Galing ng aim ng activity na yan. :) Oh glad to hear your lol is okay. Sana magtuluy-tuloy na.

  3. pics = win. haha. keep it up!

  4. glad that your lolo is doing good. thats life....just keep on living and love it.:) the pics were cool. i miss having one like that.:)


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