Love confession

It's Valentines day on Sunday. Do you have a date guys?

Me?, nothing. But i guess i am in love.But my problem is this girl that i am in love with has already a boyfriend.
I have already mentioned her in my previous post.

I can relate to this song:

Mahirap Magmahal Ng Syota Ng Iba

Mahirap talagang magmahal ng syota ng iba
Hindi mo mabisita kahit okey sa kanya
Mahirap oh mahirap talaga
Maghanap ka na lang kaya ng iba
Ngunit kapag nakita ang kanyang mga mata
Nawawala ang aking pagkadismaya
Sige lang sugod lang o bahala na
Bahala na kung magkabistuhan pa

I-dial mo ang number sa telepono
Huwag mong ibibigay ang tunay na pangalan mo
Pag nakausap mo siya sasabihin sa’yo
Tumawag ka mamaya nanditong syota ko
Mahirap talaga ang magmahal ng iba
Oh sakit ng ulo maniwala ka
Ngunit kahit ano pang sabihin nila
Iwanan siya’y di ko magagawa

Mahirap humanap ng iba
Pag tumubo ang ‘yong luha
At hahaba ang iyong mukha
At ikaw ang siyang kawawa
Iwanan siya’y di ko magagawa
Iwanan siya’y di ko magagawa
Iwanan siya’y di ko magagawa

also, my problem is that it seems like she gives me signs----i am not sure cause maybe, that's also how she deals with others and i am the one who only give meanings.

What am i gonna do?should i tell her or not?

if i tell. and she says yes, then i will be sad for his BF cause he will leave that guy and i dont want that to happen to him cause i know how does it feel to be left out.

if no, then another heartbreak---i am too tired of this!


  1. OMG haha ;D
    you have the same situation with my cousin.

    bagay rin sa kanya yung kanta lol!

    anyway, you can celebrate heart's day with friends. Ü

  2. LOL. so you dont actually know wats your priority then? i guess you just leave everything to the girl, since you dont want to hurt his bf and yourself. the important thing is, you should make a move that you'll never regret. :) it is you alone who can answer this one.

  3. Hi kuya! :)
    Narinig ko na yang song na yan. Pauwi.. On the jeep. Hay kay emo, pero totoo naman yung message nung song..

  4. aww, well i wish i was trilingual and i wouldn't mind learning your language

  5. it really is hard to love someone who is already taken. :( I hope you could get through that. hhi :)

    How are you? Missed yah.

  6. that's a sad situation :(
    i can tell..because i it feels. and. idk it just happened to me once :( i mean, two guys? XD

  7. If you really really love the girl then pursue your goal to be with her. If your love is shallow, I do not recommend that you woo her.

    Just don't pressure yourself too much about relationships.


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