thou who did not return

Hello guys. I am just sad today when i blog hopped and there are some bloggers who did not return their comments. Well, actually i don't blog hop just to gain comments and popularity-----but friends!. Although we don't see each other in person you're still so mean a lot to me. That's why i always thank everyone who'll always have time to comment. Yes, comments are not a 100% assured that you'll get one from a blogger, but my God, at least half will return----but still nothing. I understand that there are maybe some that are busy but atleast diba? try a little effort!!!!.

Sorry guys, i may sound arrogant but i am just writing what i feel and i think that's being a real blogger----who is not a plastic! agree?  

I think this is one part of blogging rule:
Return comments so that you'll gain respect and friends

I know sometimes i can't get able to return comments too, but that's the time that im busy. But after the busyness days i return comments that i gained at the time that my blog is hanging. Ok, i wont push you to return your comment cause maybe you're lazy in posting a comment in my post cause you think that my post is a garbage!whatever....That's the way you blog and i think you are right of what you are thinking right now "It's out of my business". I understand. 

But me? I'll always return cause i LOVE those people who remember me in a simple way that they post their thoughts on my posts, use their finger tips to type and click to publish a comment. So, that only means that you don't LOVE me cause you've got no time to say hello to my Artistic world. Okay, you won! for getting my attention cause of this post. See? i even made a post for you!, you that are nothing!

Just shared my thoughts. Now i have released them!

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What do you think about my post? is it annoying?
Do you also hate those people who dont return comments?

PS. I'd like to hear your voice, so if you think that you don't like my post. Just share it and i won't be mad. That's being real ya know!


  1. No your post is not annoying. It's actually a fact. Some bloggers won't just return comments for some reasons I don't know.

    I don't hate them that much. I just think they have more important tasks to do than to return comments.

  2. I feel guilty about this post. I have been MIA the past few days and haven't return the comments, I'm really sorry.
    What do you think about my post? is it annoying?
    -Nope, it's not annoying.
    Do you also hate those people who dont return comments?
    -Not really.

  3. Well, that is the reality in the blogosphere.

    There are those who will return comments and there are those who will. It is just like in the real world. You can greet another person but there are those who won't greet or even look back at you.

    I advise that you live through it and treasure those people who keep coming back on your site.

    Is your blogging annoying. I don't think so. But you also have to contemplate on why some bloggers do not want to comment on your site. Is it about your style in writing? Is it your topic? Is it the way you treat other bloggers? Instead getting irritated by this, I believe that you should treat it as challenge to make your blog look better.

    I do not hate people who do not leave comments. It is their choice. When I leave a comment to other people's blog, I do not expect them to visit me. I commented because I have something that I liked about their blog post. Commenting on other people's blog does not enforce them to comment on yours.

    This is just my 2 cents.

  4. hi steve. yah you've got your point here. comments is important in blogging since its one way of knowing your friends here and gaining some in a way. i somtimes felt what you've been talking about here. :0 i can relate?! anyway thats reality iguess only few will respond and i guess those few are those who value you and give time to read and respond to your post and emotions you've shared here. anway keep blogging for i know it helps in realing your emotions.:)

  5. Hey hey :) Sorry for not commenting I think I'm one of those XD It's just that I bloghop after having a decent post, and I've been out lately I hope you don't mind :(

    And about your post, I think it's okay. It's a calling that bloggers do need to be fair. I admit there are times when I become really really lazy and I admit I'm sorry for that XD

  6. in my 3 years in blogging i encountered a lot of people who are just after their blog's traffic, they leave comments and never return back... i also made a principle before stating the same thing...
    yup, i also hate those people who never return comments...those are bloggers who don't know what the main purpose of blogging and the main purpose of blogging is to open a new door of friendship...

    this is a very honest post, i am amazed

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  8. Response to your comment,
    haha blame it on my school, they don't give us a break T_T

    I don't really get annoyed at people who don't return comments but it would be really nice if they do. Like me, it took a week to return comments or something because of being busy. You can't really say when one person will have the time to return comments and I think it's just the real discretion of the blogger. And sometimes maybe you have to check out what kind of blog that person has because maybe it's just a rant place for someone. Sadly, it's a fact that people just visit other people's to gain traffic.

    Just like in real life, it's all about choosing who your friends are I think.

  9. yeah i guess, but it does take a lot of effort to return comments when you want each comment to be real thoughtful. some comments are just so plain and not a lot of thought was put into it.

    What do you think about my post? is it annoying?
    no i dont think its annoying, just your opinion

    Do you also hate those people who dont return comments?
    sometimes, but i dont really take it personally

  10. Bebe, bitter? Hehe..people always have time but they use their time on very important things first. You cant blame them if they cant put a little effort to publish a c0mment and not all bloggers are like you - a returnee. You must face the fact that you should not expect. And one thing, if they d0nt like your post its their lost, d0nt get disappointed instead make it as an inspiration. Remember you cant please every0ne but just be eager.

  11. your posts are not annoying but be sure that what you're writing is true..
    not what i've said you can't please everyone...


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