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Such a wonderful day i had. Before this day end i have to make a post to make it more memorable!:) 

Today is my Birthday!haha.

Thanks Ishmael!, you're such a real co-blogger.

I must say that today is the most memorable and happiest day i had. My Facebook wall is flooding of greetings from people whom i never expecting to send their wishes but also those that i am expecting to send me their regards!:)

My cellphone was also flooded of greetings . Such a lot, like i received a hundred text messages!. I had two calls. One, a greeting from a classmate before i go to bed and sleep glad. The other one was earlier this morning to start my day ahead!.

All of these happened to me just today, for the first time,  I must thank Facebook for advertising my birthday!haha.

*Another story:

I was walking in the street to have a haircut today. I saw an old college subject mate. I was shocked, she was like: "Uy, si steven!, Happy Birthday". I was surprised cause after haven't seen each other for like two years. we meet again then she greeted me happy birthday.  I know facebook played a lot here!.


Thanks to all the greetings!:).

My day was also great cause i  received an email from a best friend. We never saw each other also for a year now, I don't even remember her birthday but i was surprised cause days before my birthday, she greeted me and i was not expecting that she'll remember my day!. Our communication was not constant cause her boyfriend was forbidding her to have any communication with me cause he's jealous----that's why. But still, no obstacles must separate our friendship. She's the only one and the first person who shown me that there's a reality in the word friendship.

*Just a prayer:
Thank you Lord for everything. I am blessed cause i have you and i know that you're guiding me. You give me good health. Blesses me everyday and you gave me a wonderful family who made me. I am content on what i have today and i know that you'll help me fulfill my dreams not just for myself but for those who are destined to enter my life and for my loved ones. Thank you for giving me a chance everyday to live life, challenge the world and face challenges the world has created.Amen.

So, my profile will be changed into a 19-year-old blogger. haha. This is the last year of "teen". Live with this.
I feel like: Loves. Overwhelmed. Happy. Sad. Tired. 

To my 18th year. I would  like to thank my first ex-girlfriend.  You made me a better person yet i loved you and i must thank you also for loving me.

To my Engineering life- to my professors. I gained a lot of knowledge, for challenging me, making me up until the next day, killing me and teaching me to cheat on exams, teaching me to study hard for exams.To my classmates- for the lust, girls, crushes, teases,  challenges, egos, misunderstandings, calculating, competing, texting, drinking, text messages and a call last night.

To my Mags Family. Such an opportunity lessons and skills learned. Not just in marketing and school knowledge, gossips, but also a humor, to become a better and responsible person, socialization and posing a wacky and a decent shots. Gay lingos, drinking, laugh trips, parties in-the-car, birthdays, events, must also include.

To my Family- i am blessed. You introduced me to God yet i am a sinner. Giving me such a prestige family blood line. To everything. Making me a better person and family that made me realize i am lucky and being simple is the best of all the richiest.

Thanks guys.!. co-bloggers. Friends. Facebook friends. Career factor participants. Josh. My special Girl. School mates. Old friends. Computer Engineering family. My family & of course Mags.

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  1. Many Happy Returns of the Day. Cheers..

  2. Just greeted you in Facebook eh. But I think I will again greet you here. Happy birthday bro.

  3. Happy birthdayy! You day sounds to have started out great and i hope the rest of it went just as amazing

  4. waaaah im so lte... belated happy birthday tol...

  5. Happy Happy birthday KUYA! I'm glad that na masaya ka sa birthday mo. Nakakaoverwhelmed talaga when people greeted you. :)

  6. belated happy birthday! laking tulong talaga ng friendster, kahit mga long lost friends mo nakikita mo dun, haha!

  7. Parang namamaalam lang....,


    Tnx sa pizza...=)

  8. belated happy birthday!
    i also experienced that on my birthday last month! i didn't expect that i'll be greeted by alot of people in facebook even though hindi kami close/

  9. hi stevehan
    We have another topic to discuss here before we start the idol this monday
    hope to see you there

  10. girl belated happy birthday hehe charz lang ung girl xp

    Many thanks sa pizza at coke!

  11. Belated hapy bday sis,este tol pla..
    Ü wsh u m0r bday 2 cum para my piza evry yr.^^


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