My previous post was really a crap!. I am planning for a cute post-----a video post, but the quality is not that good i think, so i withdrawn  it and recovered a post published before when i was starting blogging.

I am excited with the starting of class. I just love the feeling of wearing my uniform, preparing my self to school and seeing my classmates faces!:) haha. I just like those everyday routines at school days but the projects and sleepless nights are not included okay!

I was from my duty just earlier, then our school will be having an orientation for new students on Mon. (June 7). The theme for the orientation is Kamikazee's First Day High, i am a little bit related to the song, not all parts of the lyrics but the part of :

"Nasasabik sa unang araw ng iskwela, taas kamay with confidence----Let's do the First Day High"

Here's the video:

What type of student are you?
                                              1.Brainy High
                                              2.MVP High
                                              3.Sosy High
                                              4.Rebel High
                                              5.Nice guy High

Reveal yourself now!

P.S. I am seeing myself walking on the streets going to my school at 9:00 in the morning!


  1. AAAH SCHOOL!Orientation namin sa june 8 after yours :P Napanuod ko yung movie na yan! Wala ako jan eh :P

  2. ^_^ You are nasasabik and may confidence? Nice!

    As for me. Ako ay brainy high. Medyo mayabang ano.

  3. idk what type of student I am but I'm definitely sure I'm not one of those listed above. Hoho! (:

  4. ako, ewan lng kung alin ako dun. lol

  5. Ai..excited?bute ka pa ako kasi medyo ngkcramming na..
    Malamang brainy high ako kahit ayaw ko hehe

  6. you're excited to go back to school? hehe. siguro very good student ka ano? hehe.

  7. wooa. buti ka pa kuya you love wearing your uniforms ako hindi. hehe :)) btw, thnks po kuya ^^.

  8. OMG! i miss schooling na talaga :D

    haha kainngit! ampff. Ü
    miss ko na rin ang mga uniform at classmates haist! ^.^

    anyway, good luck sayo. :D

    ikaw, what type of student? lol! ^.^


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