A BULPRISAN's story: In random


I just simply miss the writing. The blogging world, and most especially, you guys!:)-------very much!

Just like most of the students' reason, it's the studies that made me busy but i have accomplished my tasks list!. Yes, very much accomplished that's why my semester break is complete!:). Why am i feeling this?the hunger for writing and reading blogs?haha, it's been 3 or maybe 4 weeks of not blogging?

I am in random minds, wait, lemme think of a topic (after 5 minutes).

The BULPRISA; Provincial Meet.

Well, i can say that this is the Grand Finals of BULPRISA cause all of the champions from different districts have to prove themselves. I am expecting that my opponents are very good, so they did not disappoint me. I wasn't nervous as before, i wasn't also that much into the contest so even if i wasn't the champion i am still satisfied that i am at the fourth place. When i was sitting there waiting for my turn I was telling myself " I don't care about the medal, they'll forget me after this, i just want to deliver my line, make them feel my soul, make my mama and school proud, and feel that i am the ambassador for speaking your mind to people".

The BULPRISA Provincial meet is like Ms. Universe you know, if we wont gonna win we just want to be included on the top 5 cause the contest is really hard. We were 7 contestants at least, i am in the top 5 right?like, Venus Raj?ahaha
Now i am thinking if i should still join BULPRISA next year cause I'll be doing our thesis, but i love the laugh trip after the contest. I love competing and speaking my mind. Though in the other way around, i  also hate the feeling of waiting the announcement of winners, waiting my turn, and waiting for the contest to start. I was asking myself
" why do we have to do this kind of contests?so, what if we'll be declared as a winner?and what after this?Ok i am the champion!!!and what?" 
but suddenly when this phrase was running in my head,  when my opponent was delivering her piece, she said some sort of
  "God. Use our talents".
That hit me.
Yes, this is not about competing, but its about inspiring other people to use their talents to move the world for better. And maybe this is a God-given talent, this is his way of using me, of spreading the words for the development, love and inspiration.
I want to thank our coaches, Ms. Mari Gizelle Idmilao and Ms. Thelma Villaflores. BULPRISA for training Bulakenyos in using and showing their talents; My school, STI College-Meycauayan; Our Administrator, Ms. Blesilda Mediran for trusting me and the rest of the gang; The MAGS advisers Ms.. Loida Cruz & Mr. Arnold Jingco, as well as my MAGS Family; My team mates, Ace, Harry, Eph, Grace, Angelo, Jhoromy & Albert for always making BULPRISA a fun experience; To my classmate Fed for congratulating and supporting, to my BFF/EFF Maie, who knows me better than anyone and can make me laugh even if i have a bad morning; To Aderiza for always being so supportive; To my blogger friends; To my family and most especially, to God almighty who always shower hes blessings in every second of my life.

Thank you all!(teary eyed).

I will never ever forget this experience, for the first time in my life, i knew how it feels to be the Champion!

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Postscript: Thanks for those who posted a comment in my previous post, that was great guys!:). I am still encouraging everyone who missed the post to read it for it is informative!.


  1. go, go, go, steven!

    we should never stop on inspiring people.

  2. congrats... at least you are in 4th place overall. astig na un! :)) and you had krushers? i missed that. hahaha. and about next year... i think you should still join steve. I know you can handle pressures. kaya mo yan!

    you deserve to win. ;)

  3. Hey there, thankx for dropping by my blog. Have a nice day :D

  4. it's always good to join in such a group and event, to let yourself know your talents and to make the best use of them.. and more importantly, and i am very glad to hear that, you always feel yourself a champion!! that's cool~~ :)

  5. yeah good!!! all the best ya!!! i also gotta make fufu feel his is the champion always!!

  6. Wow! ang galing mo tlaga! 4th place wooot!

    Tama ka it's not about the competition but the inspiration you give to others to use what talent they have...

    Nice! Nice! :)

  7. to inspired people is to live. So keep on making people happy and believe that life is worth living...

  8. You inspire a lot of people! Congrats again!

  9. hello steve
    nasend ko na yung package mo kanina... Addressed sa STI Meycauayaan...
    thanks.. and sorry for the delay

  10. Your posts make it seem like you're really motivated and inspired to run after your dreams XD Really glad about that :D

    Oh btw, password to protected post named Tralala is ‘yayforlove’. if you wanna read it. :D

  11. krushers! keeee. <3 it!

    btw, super congrats!!! wooo woo. Ü

    ang galing naman hehe! :DD
    you're such an inspiration.
    keep aiming high steve! Ü

  12. Haha! Major major! Congratulations to you my friend. Apir!

  13. Hey Steve!!! Happy Halloween and congrats again XD


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