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Last Thurs. Nov. 4 my thesis mates and i went to National Library to research for our possible project proposals for this semester. Each group are required to pass at least 15-20 project proposals. We will pick 1  proposal form the given we passed but in some cases if these proposals that we will be giving might not achieve a computer engineering thesis it will or all will be rejected, and have to back from scratch again.We are very much into researching,  to have a thesis that will benefit a wide variety of people, mostly those who are needy, the community's improvement and most specially the environment.

A Computer Engineering thesis must be composed or at least compose of Hardware and Software-------- programming and electronics.

Sample passed CoE thesis at STI College-Meycauayan(alumni):

On-going Coe thesis Projects(graduating):
*UPS with SMS and Power Saver.
*Finger print operated Charging Station.

and these are the latest proposals that we are thinking:

1. Flood Machine with SMS -a system that is designed to monitor the flood level in the barangay. If the alert level has been reached an SMS message will be sent to the authorities to do some actions.

2. Waste Segregator - a machine that will automatically segregates the wastes at home. Will reduce the major problem in the world today---------waste segregation. Environmental friendly and is very safe even for children.

3. Shopping Cart with punching system - In your shopping cart, you are the one who will punch the products inside your cart. A receipt will also be printed and a signal will also be given to cashier station. So when you go to the cashier you don't have to wait for a long line. Just present your money and receipt for validation then presto, proceed to bagging.

4. Solar charger - in a remote are, in a storm, no electricity. what if there's an emercgency and you need to call?this solar charger is the solution. Just like the typical universal charger. Very compact handy and safe. You can charge your cellphones and Digital items. Plus environmental and power consumption friendly.

5. Smoke Belching gadget - this gadget will be put on the vehicle muffler to monitor if the driver is smoke belching. If it will turn positive, then a signal will be sent to the authorities to do some actions in stopping this smoke belcher. 

These proposals are just abstract and we need to talk about the validations, design, additional process, and the beneficiaries. We need to study more specially on the waste segregator.

Guys i need your help. Please suggest a thesis for our group. Please take these requirements:
  • any problem in your community or at your home.
  • something that is beneficial for everybody/ the environment.
  • any additional features to any electronics machine that has been invented already (innovation).
  • something that you want to have/ to be invented.
Just consider any of these requirements to make a thesis suggestion for us!In your comment please suggest a thesis proposal-----------i demand!

PS. I will take a credit to those who can suggest a proposal to us, just anything under the sun. We also need some people/referral who can be our source in making these abstract and your suggested thesis proposals!

God bless everyone!:)


  1. Par gudluck sa thesis mo... mahirap yan napagdaan ko na kasi yan...part ng college life yan. Kaya mo yan...gudluck ulit.

  2. Maganda yung mga proposals na naisip nyo! Good luck! Di ako magaling sa ganyan e. hihihi! I'm sure meron ibang makakatulong sayo dito.

  3. Hooo...madugo yan but I think kaya mo yan ikaw pa! hehehe...Goodluck!

  4. i like proposal # 3 and 5. First of all, i buy groceries almost every week and your proposal will be such of great help for shoppers like me. it will lessen my burden and i think it's cool! :))

    and then the last topic... nako okay to sa lahat ng tao. promise. kasi madalas din akong mag commute eh kaya sobrang makakatulong to para hindi na masalo ng lahat ng commuters ung usok mula sa bus at jeep na walang pakundangan pag nagpapatakbo ng sasakyan! :D

  5. Smoke belching gadget
    Kelangan natin yan at madumi na ang hangin natin
    Para nadin matigil na ang mga bus na smoke belching
    Good luck

  6. I guess the Flood Machine is great. You could add another gadget that could monitor the sudden drop in water level para pang-alert sa impending Tsunami.

  7. ang cute nung sa shopping cart kuya. haha. aun kasi naexperienced ko kahapon antagal sa pila hanggang sa nagclose na ung cashier na pinilahan ko. alot alot. hahaha!

    aigoo! kayang kaya yan. positive vibes! :)

  8. heyaaaa steve! :D

    missing your lolo much?
    me too. T.T
    though it has been years but wala atang bilang ng taon ang makakapagpawala ng pagkamiss sa taong naging part ng buhay natin.

    anyway, good luck sa thesis mo! ayeeee!

    i like the waste segragator and the smoke belching gadget.

    kasi basura talaga ang problema natin. T.T
    and the smoke belchers too. fvck eeh. ;/
    sakit aabutin natin sa mga yun. ampf. T.T

  9. kaya yan steve. goodluck with your proposal! :)

  10. goodluck sa thesis steve! ^_^

    btw already added your link in my blogroll. thanks for the visit ^o^


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