The library post escape!

My mind is in random now. I am inside the school's library. My classmates are reviewing so as the other students here! (aral-arlan, and you will be shocked to think that we have lots of students and you can only see them every exmas!) and here i am, typing my new post (i am done reviewing for my next exam), ayun sila nagrereview!ahahhaha.

I just started my twitter account this  morning. I want to be active on it though before, i don't like it and i even deactivated my account. Follow me here:

Yesterday we watched a movie. It's about men OFWs being rape in the middle east the film is entitled FIDEL, the film was exclusive for it has still no copy for public viewings. I'll share em to you someday?ahahahaha, lately i am still busy for the thesis so maybe I'll go hiatus or lilo only in blogging. This December we only have 4 days of vacation which are 24. 25, 30, and 31, so i hope that before the last week of December we are done with our docus!:)

I'll start my projects now!Bye!:)

---bloghopp will be next.


  1. Kawawa nga kasi wala nmng batas para sa mga biktima ng panggagahasa ang ating mga kababayan doon tsk tsk...

  2. weee.. kawawa nga yang mga taong yan...

  3. hey goodluck on your thesis and don't forget to enjoy the holidays :D

    i think i don't have the courage to watch that film :(


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