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As i am doing my thesis these days, one of our approved thesis proposal is the Modernized Fast Food Servicing (Queuing System). When you feel hungry and you are looking for your favorite restaurant or fast food there is a long line of people and you tend to look for restaurants that can give you convenience while you eat or sometimes when transacting to buy a plane ticket and there are long lines of people getting their selves a ticket and you loose your temper. 

These situations are not only caused by long lines of people trying to be first on line but because of the crowd itself, the place, unorganized and due to unmanageable lines set by the companies or those in-charge for the organization of systems.

Even personnel cannot actually help managing the situation of mismanaged system in queuing for crowd control is a must for the customers to be satisfied of the company's services and for the benefit of the company not to loose their valued and patronizing customers.

To avoid mismanage and uncontrollable crowd, sometimes personnel are not just the solution but the proper, advanced and applicable equipments can be used especially today that the technology is being applied to solve problems. The advanced and modern way of crowd control today uses stanchions, velvet rope, barricades because of the tested and effectiveness these equipments bring in managing crowds and having a manageable systems.

These equipments can actually help the companies to improve their mismanaged systems especially this yuletide season for a lot of people are buying gifts for their loved ones, rushing to unlimited season sales, withdrawing money in banks and getting ticket for out of the country trips or domestic flights.

So if you want to improve and fix the chaos in your line, get more customers, their loyalty and absolutely get more money, these equipments will help you achieve those!


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